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Thread: Coldplay vs Creaky Boards

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    Coldplay vs Creaky Boards

    Anyone seen this?

    They're awfully similar, aren't they? I obviously don't know whether Coldplay ripped this band off but there are a few things which should be noted;

    - The style of chord progression has been done to death by many artists. Two others that come instantly to mind as far as huge pop songs (let alone far less popular ones) are 'Virtual Insanity' by Jamiroquai and 'Arthur's Theme' by Chris Gross (I think?). Why so prevalent? All of them fairly closely approximate following the old jazz classic cycle of 5ths. Understandable; it's an easy and stylish chord progression with each chord a 5th away from each other. Still, it's everywhere.

    - As a songwriter, I know how easy it is to rip off another inadvertantly. I remember once I wrote what I thought was a really cool verse for a song. I loved it. Then I heard a Bowie song and I'd totally ripped the main chord progression off. Within reason, pretty much note-for-note. I had heard that song maybe once ever? Delete......

    - Everyone rips off artists they've listened to. We're all a product of our influences. It'd be pretty self-righteous of Creaky Boards to claim Coldplay ripped them off when they used the oldest jazz chord progression trick since I-IV-V. I strong suspect they may be using this to gain some new fans of their own in which case, sneaky marketing trick but putting a mega-band like Coldplay off-side will eventually have its disadvantages.....

    And if Coldplay did rip them off, at least they changed the key. The Chilli Peppers 'Dani California' and that Tom Waites song is far more damning!

    What's everyone think?
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    I could swear The Dove's There Goes The Fear has Bowie's Sound and Vision riff going in the background. Might be paying homage or something though.

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    Would rather listen to some creaky boards under foot than Coldplay.
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    Was expecting that to be the subject of this thread.

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    They do sound very similar, it must be said. Just following a noble tradition tho:

    Taxman by The Beatles

    which you'd imagine Paul Weller was aware of when he wrote:

    Start! for The Jam
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