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Thread: How to get a book published.

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    How to get a book published.

    I have a friend who's dad is a talented writer who just writes for the fun of it, I think he should try getting something published does anyone know how to work on getting a book published?
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    Shop it around to publishers, for one.
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    Then, if you fail, do what Pickup did and put it on a website, so that the whole world has the opportunity to buy it and then choose not to.

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    send it to a lot of's pretty simple...
    what do you do as a band if you want a record deal; sent out demo's

    same goes for books.
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    Release saucy excerpts to the tabloids and then appear on Oprah.

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    I'm going to go out on a limb here.. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but could try contacting a publisher?
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    Better to contact literary agents. They have connections which will ensure that the manuscript gets read by the publishers rather than put in a heap on some junior underling's desk for ten years. The downside is that you have to impress them enough to take you on first. But it is possible.

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    To break into the industry, if you're having trouble shopping your stuff around, you may want to write some short stories or other things related to the subject to gain some prominence and to make sure your stuff is actually read.

    Being an author is extremely hard work though, and the majority of people don't make enough doing it for it to be their full time job.
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    The general rule is a synopsis followed by a full chapter sent to both agents and publishers.

    If they like the idea, concept and writing then they will let you know.

    Little point writing a full book and shopping it around unless you have so much time on your hands and it is a hobby.
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