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Thread: The Compact Discotheque

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    The Compact Discotheque

    An ambiguous title for an ambiguous thread.

    Basically, I'm looking to find some decent music out there, and I thought it might be a good idea to share your knowledge of bands that you know, that very few people have ever heard of.

    Basically, just note down some bands that you like that you don't think many other people would know, with the name of their best song (in your opinion).

    If anyone out there knows how you can (legally) link to a song, so that it can be listened to with relative ease - let me know. Also, try and give the name of a more famous band that they may be considered similar to, if you can

    Here's a few examples from me:

    The Subliminals - Uh Oh - unknown (long, rhythm driven songs)
    The Verlaines - Pyromaniac - Dunedin Sound
    Mo*ho*bish*o*pi - Drop Jaw - short, punchy Indie-rock
    Preston School of Industry - Falling Away - Pavement-esque (obviously, given who's in them)
    Number One Cup - The Low Sparks - a bit like They Might be Giants or Mercury Rev

    I'm sure I have a few others up my sleeve when I think of them...
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    Lyndon Lai Tan - For The End. Fine, fine alternative rock. But you won't get ahold of the music by any legal means, as it's a Trinidadian band and therefore a total unknown outside of Trinidad.

    So yea, this post is pointless.
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    Halo James - Could Have Told You So

    About the only likely-to-be-not-very-well-known band I've heard of and like a song from TBH.
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    I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... And I'm all out of bubblegum.
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    So yea, this post is pointless.
    Nah - might try and track it down; give it a twirl. There's always a *legal* way

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    Nelson - I Say You Can't Stop - White Rose Movement, although that isn't a great description as i'm going to include them shortly

    The Stills - Still in Love Song - A slightly twee Interpol

    White Rose Movement - Speed - Joy Division/Depeche Mode cross is what they're described as usually

    Broken Social Scene - Fire Eyed Boy - Canadian twee superband, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! but with someone that can sing.

    Apples in Stereo - Same Old Drag - Of Montreal maybe, they're in the Elephant Six thing with Neutral Milk Hotel who are big and all those bands sound the same.

    Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - Rent a Wreck - Swedish Twee, not a million miles from B&S

    The Owls - Everyone Is My Friend - Sounds like all the other Kinsella bands, Last.FM claims they sound like MGMT, but no, not really.
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    DeVotchKa-- Croatian-folk tinged indie from Denver. They've been picking up a following and recently appeared on Later With Jools Holland. They have a Myspace, their best song is The Clockwise Witness.

    Tinariwen- the North African bastard children of The Clash and Hendrix, a superb blues rock band from Mali, already superstars of the African music scene but I'm not too sure how many people have really heard of them. They have a Myspace if you're interested.

    Mariza- A superb Fado singer from Mozambique via Portugal with a spine-chillingly brilliant voice. Her best songs are the Fado classics Barco Negro, Primavera and Ha Uma Musica do Povo.

    Armenian Navy Band- World Music Award winners, a very entertaining group from Armenia who play jazz-tinged self described "avant-garde" music. Again, they have a myspace. I think their best song is "My Door Is Open To Everybody" but that is not available there.

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    Karen Zoid - Definitely my favourite musician.. She is dual lingual, releases songs in both English and Afrikaans, and whenever I introduce her to my friends in England they, for the large part are hooked.. Male/Female Black/White, she releases music that seems to cater for everyone.. True SA role model, it's just a tragedy that she isn't more raved about worldwide, or maybe thats a good thing..

    Freshlyground - Will be doing the music for the 2010 world cup.. Doo bee Doo being one of the most catchy songs ever, although probably equally as annoying.. Anyone has been to SA won't have gone outside without hearing it blared from somewhere or other
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    I can give you my phone number. Whenever you feel like listening to quality music just call me up, I will sing some blissful and adrenaline-pumping numbers for you. I am sure that you won't have to listen to anyone else after listening to me....
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    I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... And I'm all out of bubblegum.
    I've finally managed to get a chance to listen to the suggestions above (though haven't tracked down Camps' T&T hit). Like the Yooooo Toobe links... Very good.

    Probably the top one of those from my point of view was the Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. Listened to a couple of their other tracks. Good stuff, and quirkily Scandinavian.

    Here's a few of mine: - The Phoenix Foundation - The Verlaines - The Mint Chicks - Bike

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