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Thread: What mobile/cell phone do you own?

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    Tried just about every high-end phone (aside from an iPhone) and they all didn't last very long. This one is solid as a rock, has a decent array of features and takes much abuse yet keeps on ticking. Menus are quick, stuff is easy to fine and, better yet, it even takes phone calls! I walked into the shop and asked what phone all the tradies were buying. That was good enough for me.

    Nokia 6300

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    How good's that? Normally a "free phone" actually means "$45 per month for a minimum of 24 months with no up front charge", or some such thing.
    This one is Free, unbranded and unlocked, and not tied up to any service provider or plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterblaster View Post
    I own the exact same phone and I absolutely hate it. It's slow, it's buggy and it's overloaded with features I don't need. Got it a year and a half ago and only have another half a year left on my contract. I can't wait to replace this phone and get another one.
    Quote Originally Posted by masterblaster View Post
    Yeah, have learn't my lesson. Ofcourse being a technology enthusiast, it's easy for me to go overboard with features on my gadgets. I know next time though to get a more faster, intuitive and more streamlined phone.
    Yeah. I always use a low features, fast and cheap phone. The current one is some Nokia which has worked well for a good 2-3 years.

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    Best phone ever, tbh, and I don't even have any games on it.

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    Mine is similar to BB's phone. I lost my one in a Parisian taxi, so when I got to Exeter I brought one, the guy said it was a bog standard Nokia. You beauty I'll take it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobidy View Post
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    ****ed if i know. tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirdj View Post
    KiwiNinja what all does your phone do? I have heard that Japanese phones have a whole lot of unusual features. Does it scan/read QR Codes?
    Yes, it reads QR codes.
    Its pretty basic for a Japanese phone. I used to have one that played TV, but I wanted something lighter and didn't watch TV so.....

    Oh, it also has a universal remote function. Great for pranking while at a friends house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirdj View Post
    KiwiNinja what all does your phone do? I have heard that Japanese phones have a whole lot of unusual features. Does it scan/read QR Codes?
    Doesnt the N95 do that? Sure mines got some crappy scanner thing that reads absolutely nothing bar test barcodes online. Not found a use for it yet. Likewise the GPS on it, just got no need.

    Always good to have a top of the range phone and use none of the features on it.
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    Had to find the instruction book to find out what it was actually called. Mine's silver, with obligatory crack in the screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Ed_ View Post
    Motorola V3
    Same here
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    LG Shine, love it so much, the mirror makes you look better than you do in reality tbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda View Post
    LG Shine, love it so much, the mirror makes you look better than you do in reality tbh

    Ditto, best looking phone, no arguments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltman View Post
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