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Thread: How many Km\Miles you have driven ???

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    How many Km\Miles you have driven ???

    Just happened to check yesterday and find out that i have so far done 62,000+ km combined in my old car and the new one...

    Do any body else have any idea on how much you have done ???

    for me its was too easy since i have only driven 2 cars and 99% of the time both was driven by me only

    And what is the longest you have driven with out stopping ?? 330 km for me

    Conversion 1 mile=1.61 km
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    I'd have driven over 200k kilometres I'd say. Most I've done in one sitting is Wollongong to Melbourne, which is around the 1000klm mark.
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    In excess of 100,000 kms easily. 600kms in one shot.
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    put about 40,000 miles on the old car, only stuck about 7,000 on this one, so thats just over 75,000 km.

    Longest journey i did was from Aberdeen to Manchester, via Glasgow and Durham, comes to 440 miles, so 708km
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    On 99.999999% of the land on this world, I have driven 0 Miles.
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    None. Clocked up around 6,000 A-Spec miles on GT4 though.

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    Don't really drive much, got first car last July and done 10k km since then so not much at all.

    Longest I've done is about 420km at once.
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    I didnt learn to drive until my early-mid 20s. Started late but Ive clocked a fair few miles since.

    Would regularly do a 800km round trip in a day to see clients.

    Did 5000 kms (San Francisco to Washington DC) in just over 3 days. Arrived there early afternoon of the 4th day. Was great fun but hard work.

    EDIT- Just checked. Was closer to 4500 kms
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    About 3k miles. Just got a car in November. Longest I've driven is 400 miles (between San Fracisco and Los Angeles).
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    Heh, wonder what my dads answer would be if i asked him, considering he's driven long distance haulage for a living for the last 20 years. Must easily clock 1,500 miles a week, mebbie 2,000

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    Round 30miles I reckon (Y)
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    Wouldn't have the foggiest clue - don't even know the mileage of my current (first of my own) car - which I've had for 3 years.

    "Plenty but not many" would be my best guess. Never drove to work, never felt the urge to go to drive and waste s on petrol for the sake of it, and pretty much only ever drive to the pub (and yes, drink J2Os\RedBull there) and gym, plus the occasional trek around the country to see m8s here and there.
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    Hmmm, probably less than 1000. 500 or so I'd reckon.

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