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Thread: Death Predictor : How will you die?

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    Death Predictor : How will you die?

    Yaju Arya: At age 69 you will be shanked in prison, becoming fatally wounded.
    Self Proclaimed World's Greatest 12th Man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5N1p3R j0C|<
    Why are you wasting time your reading others' quotes?
    Quote Originally Posted by DD

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    eddie: At age 83 you will be trampled by a mob of rabid people at the opening of X-Men 17
    Nigel Clough's Black and White Army, beating Forest away with 10 men

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    NUFAN: At age 66 a large monkey will beat you to death, using the antiquated art of fisticuffs.

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    Zac Ritchie: At age 67 while showing your work at a major art gallery, you will be accosted and later slain by PETA activists.
    The Future of International Cricket - Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina, Ravi Bopara, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Shahriar Nafees, Raqibul Hasan, Salman Butt, JP Duminy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Romance can be dealt with elsewhere - I just don't enjoy it in cricket.

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    Rob Hing: At age 54 you will participate in the newest reality game show. Contestants battle each other in an arena with swords and spears. You will have a good run (12+ victories) but eventually be killed, much to the audience's dismay.
    Don't go chasing waterfalls

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    Stephen Young: At age 42 while playing Street Fighter Omega at an arcade, you will be electrocuted by the headset. You will be the first such death in years.
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    I'm still bitter about BBC2 showing the signing of the Good Friday Agreement instead of the Simpsons.
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    Cricketer Of The Year bugssy's Avatar
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    robert malone: At age 72 you will start playing an online game and become so addicted that you starve to death.
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    Liam: At age 43 you will realize that you actually died three years earlier, and have dreaming all the events since then.
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    International Coach Xuhaib's Avatar
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    Zohaib Ahmed: At age 67 you will become involved in revolutionary activities in Ecuador, and be killed.

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    location, location
    Will Kerr: At age 32 you will be hit by a train while napping on the railroad tracks.

    Oh dear.

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    The Wheel is Forever silentstriker's Avatar
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    M: At age 48 you will drown in a wading pool under mysterious circumstances. The only clue will be a small blue pacifier found around your neck.
    Quote Originally Posted by KungFu_Kallis View Post
    Peter Siddle top scores in both innings....... Matthew Wade gets out twice in one ball
    "The future light cone of the next Indian fast bowler is exactly the same as the past light cone of the previous one"
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    Fraz Waraich : At age 75 you will die from wounds delivered by a blender after trying to make your sixteenth magarita of the day. (And it's on 3:00pm, shame on you!)
    Proud member of Twenty20-Is-Boring Society.
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    R.I..P ........ Fardin Qayuumi
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Good luck at the hospital.
    Quote Originally Posted by GeraintIsMyHero View Post
    Fraz is always the best option IMO

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    Ethan: At age 58 a large monkey will beat you to death, using the antiquated art of fisticuffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NUFAN View Post
    NUFAN: At age 66 a large monkey will beat you to death, using the antiquated art of fisticuffs.
    Quote Originally Posted by DCC_legend View Post
    Ethan: At age 58 a large monkey will beat you to death, using the antiquated art of fisticuffs.
    Hey mate how old are you now? I'm 24, just wondering if this is going to happen at the same time.

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    Jason Wilson: At age 70 you will perish in an explosion caused by a leaky pilot light and a faulty electrical switch.
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