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View Poll Results: Would you rather be a State Prosecutor or a Defense Attorney?

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  • State Prosecutor

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Thread: State Prosecutor or Defense Attorney?

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    State Prosecutor or Defense Attorney?

    I was thinking about this the other day. Say you had the choice earning the same, great money either working as a prosecutor for the government trying to keep the streets safe, or taking on clients accused of criminal activity, and ensuring they have the best defence they're entitled.

    And let's assume we're talking about criminal cases, rather than civil cases.

    Which would you pick? Feel free to include your reasoning in your answer.
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    As much as the irrelevant third option appeals as I'm a member of the RAeS and the brotherhood must stick together, I have to go for state prosecutor because of dealing out the justice on the mean streets is something to be happy doing.

    Plus the defence would have lots of moral issues to deal with if they were guilty, which I'm not sure I would be suited to dealing with as I'm a pansy.
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    Well aside from the fact that both make crap money, at least in the states, I'd probably pick defense attorney if I could pick which clients to represent (which public defense attorneys can't). Otherwise, I'd be a prosecutor.
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    Would rather be cleaning the court house than be either.
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    I'd like to be a slippery Johnny Cochran type character.

    So yeah, Defense Attorney.

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    Bitch please, I'm from West Yorkshire
    I think Jock Stirrup's job would be more interesting for me, and the pay isn't too shabby either.
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    Loved 'The Practice'. And want to be James Spader's character - so defense attorney.
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    Defense Attorney.
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    Think I'd rather be the Prosecutor, I think my conscience would stop me from representing criminals (assuming many of those you are will be). When you see lawyers drawn to defending the likes of Sadam Hussein (as one British lawyer was), you wonder whether they can sleep at night, knowing who they're helping... I guess that's a bit of an extreme example, but I'd rather not associate myself with people like that. That's probably also a product of a fluffy, sheltered middle-class upbringing with little exposure to crime as well.

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    State Prosecutor, basically for the same reasons as JJ.
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    Bit of a horrid one that. Was put off law due to the simple fact neither side offers a job my conscious could stomach. As above, Defence lawyers really are morally bankrupt buggers, look at Mr Loophole, the speeding footballers phone a friend.

    On the flipside, the state prosecuter (or the man from the Crap Prosecution Sh*te to Brits) spends his life persecuting people to make up government stats. Many a time fighting to put away someone obviously innocent (or went no further than self defence) purely because the government stats and police big wigs demand a trial no matter what in some cases.

    Would rather be the police officer getting them to court IMO (might actually get round to getting in shape to do that this year if nothing else comes up, been saying i would since i left uni)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Wright View Post
    Loved 'The Practice'. And want to be James Spader's character - so defense attorney.
    AWTA. I've watched the first three seasons of Boston Legal since Christmas.
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    My answer should be obvious to anyone who has ever discussed any legal matters with me, and it's probably my actual desired career path as well.


    I remember talking to someone who was a defense attorney in the States once about it, and he said that the most enjoyable thing about defense law is that it's essentially you against the world. Every element in a courtroom is designed to belittle the defendant and push towards a conviction, from the way the room is designed to the money invested in the system and everyone else in the room, except for you. Essentially it's the defense attorney with his knowledge of the law against the State. There's lots of ethical reasons as well as just professional interest reasons that I'd like to work in defense, but that comes into it as well. It'd just be quite fun.
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    Defense, based on my batting style.

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