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Thread: The TV show thread (many spoilers)

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    Watching Mindhunter, came across the serial killer Golden State Killer. The sick **** was so prolific that what the police thought to be were 3 different serial killers in 3 different places was just this dude; they found it out when the DNA matched everywhere. How one man has so much time to commit so much crime, have a family, kids, AND hold down a job as a police officer is beyond me.

    Has had me double checking all the locks in my home before going to sleep now.

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    Watched the Jade Goody documentary series earlier. Its very good although obviously as it covers her professional career to her passing its pretty grim viewing most of the time.

    I barely remember Big Brother, but ****ing hell it was the pits wasn't it? The baying mobs on Friday night and the powerful tabloids writing the most vile stuff about these people especially Jade who they knew represented what a lot of Britain loath. Uneducated, rough and a symbol of the chav culture which was huge in the early noughties.

    The coverage though of Jade was ****ing grim. A Mirror tosspot who was a talking head joking about writing cruel stuff about her appearance then making himself out to be a decent bloke when he toned it down once the viewers began to like her. Unsurprisingly his boss was Piers Morgan.

    Then the Shilpa incident. ****.

    Channel 4 trying to downplay it somewhat despite it been blatant racism and then also bragging about been a liberal network was absurd. However what was interesting about the racism, Danielle was the least affected long term despite arguably her saying "she should **** off home" probably been worse than anything Jade said.

    Not a defense of Jade,,she was a racist on the show as the other two girls, but out of the three its debatable that she was the worst offender. Then I suppose due her been so gobby and most working class of the three an element of classism involved meant she got the most heat.

    Insane that none of the three were not binned though on numerous occasions for what was obvious racism.

    The reaction back then also was crazy. Gordon Brown been asked about it and a minor international incident with India.

    Also Indian Big Brother filming Jade getting news she had cancer,classy stuff.

    Its a really good documentary series although maybe could have probed a little more on how the UK went a little to candle in the wind for her in her last few months.

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    Monty Python Blu-ray available to pre-order. 100. Bargain.

    Monty Python Blu-ray

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    anyone watching "unbelievable" on netflix? based on true events, it's pretty good...

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    Just finished the third season of Legion. Thought it was a significant return to form after the frustratingly abstract and self-indulgent season 2. Did a much better job of maintaining narrative clarity and consistent and understandable characters, whilst keeping the beautiful surreal imagery and quirky mindfreakery that has been the show's halmark. Harry Lloyd did a fantastic job playing Professor X, and I also liked the stronger emphasis on horror that was used to such great effect in the first season. There are quite a few plotholes I could quibble with, but overall I thought it was a really satisfying conclusion to the series.
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