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Thread: US politics thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt79 View Post
    You wonder if he's stolen Kevin Rudd's playbook - there are a few similarities. Make a point of reversing the most grating of your predecessor's irrationally stubborn positions in a highly symbolic manner and you can get away with making very little real change for a surprisingly long time.

    Not saying I object to that approach, or to what Obama is doing, but there are some interesting parallels - even if Obama and his team probably don't know off the top of their head which minor ally Kevin Rudd is from...
    I don't think he'd have made it to here if he didn't know something about marketing (selling) his image. I won't mind if his Presidency is 95% symbolic stuff and only 5% real change, as long as that 5% happens.

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    Did ya'll see Carter brush Clinton at the aftermath of the swearing in?

    It's was quite nicely done.

    What's going on between them, I wonder...

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