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Thread: Another Player involved in the James Brown Will

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    Another Player involved in the James Brown Will

    This man will never be allowed to rest peacefully.

    James Brown's will has been a hot topic ever since his death on Christmas day last year, and this has continued now with a 45-year-old former air hostess and school teacher claiming she is the daughter of James Brown.

    While some people may say the man probably was capable of fathering a handfull of children that somehow may have slipped under the radar, one may also just think it's an attempt to cash in on the sizeable assets left behind by the Godfather of soul.

    "I've been walking around looking like this man for 45 years," said LaRhonda Petitt, the apparent 'daughter' of Brown, "I'm not talking no negative talk, I'm talking about what's right."

    His will names six adult children, but at least three other people, including Petitt, say DNA testing proves they are his children.

    Petitt, who was born and lives in Houston, Texas, said she would like all people claiming to be Brown's children to take a DNA test

    The above notion is probably fair enough, and let's hope this all comes to a calm resolve, for the sake of the great man who definitely had a profound and radical impact on the shift in black popular music in America, and music in general.

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    I don't really know how much he was worth in the end but there was always going to be people after their share.. morally or not.. But if she is the daughter.. Why come out now and not when he was alive? Money grabbing cow..
    February 10th 2009 <3
    Rest In Peace Fardin
    Rest In Peace Sazza

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