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Thread: Order, Order.

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    Order, Order.

    The first session of the overseas (and therefore non-judicial) CW Court sees the matter of one Darren Murphy vs Cricketweb.

    As we all know the plaintiff has been exiled from this fine country since a fateful day in October 2006 where the streets of Cricketweb ran red with the bloodshed of honest thoughts amidst the Wave of Repression. Many long-term civilians were transported to a secure detention facility for a period of 7 days, with some being detained even longer, the populace cried outrage.
    Cricketweb has suffered these hardships, but came through them in the end, returning peace to all. Indeed, one of those that cried outrage has since risen to the esteemed rank of Vice President, showing us what we could all become.

    The matter put forward here, is that the exiled should be allowed back into the country if he so wishes. After such a period away from these fine shores, it is widely believed that Mr Murphy has settled down in South America and is happy to remain lapping up the sun on the beach with his seven wives. Therefore this act would be of a purely symbolic nature.

    The plaintiff would not like to make the same points regarding the exile of one Mr Burkey due to the fact that noone should be allowed to return after calling the President a soft ****, after he has extended an offer of generosity in deciding to reduce the initial exile.

    The plaintiff urges the judge to act with due care and without emotion in this case.

    Thank you your honour.
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    Am I on the jury? I want either to be sequestered in a hotel or a unanimous decision to have Murphy back. Either is fine.
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    I bet he wants to come back just to quote my posts and say the word "hentai".

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    I'll gut his mother for 7 and a half KFC Wrapstars.

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