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Thread: Writing Exams on Youth Day

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    Writing Exams on Youth Day

    Here in SA we commemorate the students and children who died during fighting with the Apartheid government, with a public holiday called "Youth Day"..

    However, my university, in their wisdom, have told us that we still have to write exams on this public holiday.. Which is apparently a very serious business, because people from Rhodes and neighboring universities lost their lives during the struggle against Apartheid.. Meaning a lot of guys have to miss the commemoration services and such..

    Obviously its quite a local issue, and it doesn't affect me because I don't sit an exam on that day, but I really don't know what to think about the issue.. Who is at fault, the university? Or are the Students just being too damn lazy as usual?
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    Is it an actual public holiday? If so, isn't it illegal to set exams on it? Surely that's the point of a public holiday...
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    Yeah, if it's an official public holiday, than there should be nothing going on at university.
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    Tell the police.
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    Both the university and students are at fault... Richard, I feel that you should write a letter to The Editor of some popular daily, maybe a little amount of media bashing will set the things right.
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    I just feel like I should have an opinion because so many people are in uproar about it.. Apparently there is nothing in our constitution that prevents things happening on a public holiday.. Although everything seems to still close down, we'll see what happens I guess, I fancy a bit of a riot

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