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Thread: Teachers and tests

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    Teachers and tests

    I'm in year 6 in my school.And my SATS are coming up.And all the teachers are taking like a battle to death.But what do you think about them?
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    I'll be very interested to see what people have to say in thread.

    I was a supply teacher in London from January-March and I have to say a lot of the students will have trouble on their SATS.
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    Personally I found school very easy so I don't know if I can help you. But as long as you go into them confident, then chances are you will do well.
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    I think I got 100%, then I got moved to a school that didn't take them..
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    Too old to have done them.
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    I have so much stress atm because of all my assingments i just fell ahhhhhhhhhhh
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    SATs are pointless from your point of view, you actually have no motivation to do well in them, obviously it reflects badly on the school if everyone does badly though.
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    Just about to do my AS levels in about 1 and a half months. Teachers harping on at us about revision and work etc. Have yet to start any revision at home, but in school were sort of covering all the stuff i need to. Probably starting next week, doubtful though. Quite lazy when it comes to coursework, homework and revision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Langeveldt View Post
    I think I got 100%, then I got moved to a school that didn't take them..
    Don't all schools do them?

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    The bottom line is that while you're doing any sort of exams - SATs, GCSEs, A Levels, Uni first year exams - you think they're the be all and end all, and that you need to get good grades in them or it'll affect your future. That's true, but once you've done them you always look back on what a piece of cake they were.

    It's important not to get too stressed about exams early on, because the truth is it's only going to get harder, and if you continue to get more stressed as that happens then it's not gonna do you any good.

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    Im doing my HSC and not even stressed. Settle down
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    Not all schools take them only schools which are tied to government bodies, which have to take external exams such as sats, gcses etc. Whereas many private schools offer exams at the equivalent of these grades but Sats are not compulsary unlike GCSE's or equivalent. (NVQ etc) I got Level 6 in al three of my SATs papers at KS2, and to be honest they have no reflection on your career, just which level you go to at secondary school (level, sets, grades etc) PS Found school easy but couldn't be bothered to do coursework and that kinda thing!!
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    SATs are there so schools have an idea what sort of GCSEs and A Levels you're going to get, plus there's a MidYis test thing as well that some do and most don't. I did spectactularly well in the MidYis thing and then showed the flaws in the system with my lack of work ethic.
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    SATs are there to make league tables out of. Purely and simply and for no other possible reason.

    They make a horrible mess of the year six curriculum - particularly in the first half of the summer term. We should be outside as much as possible, getting into being part of the world and developing holistically, not working through bloody booklets on "Fire: Friend or Foe?". All that teaches you is how to answer question papers, and whilst that's something you'll be doing for the rest of your school life, it's not something that has any relevance post 16.

    Unfortunately, as teachers, our schools and therefore ourselves get judged on them so we have to keep banging it in to you, whether we like it or not.

    As for Mr Hopgood, that post isn't even Level 6 English...
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    I think they're pointless but i hate it when people complain about all the stress they're put under preparing for exams, i mean, who's making you work, the government or yourself?

    If you were smart enough and learnt the work in the first place you don't need to revise and if not then so what, they don't matter anyway.

    the exams themselves are a bit gay aswell, my year had to write a short story with the premise of a kid waiting in a queue to buy a video game, that was it.

    How the hell is a stupid kid meant to write a story about that? Quite unfair i thought.

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