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Thread: computer power pack

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    computer power pack

    just a quick questions guys.
    I thought i'd ask in this forum.
    Would it matter much if i used a 230 V powerpack rather than 240 V on my computer?
    The guy at the shop reckons no difference, my computers powerpack is stuffed so bought a new one and he gave me a 230 V one..... i didn't realise at the time. I put it on my computer and the computer worked the first time but than it just went off, my thinking was probaly not enough power but the shop keeper reckons no diff b\w 230V and 240 V...... anyone can enlighten me on this one. Is 10 V difference fair bit ?


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    I doubt it would make any difference to be perfectly honest.

    I have had troubles with power packs in the past but that was more due to them being faulty.

    As for your computer turning off... it is more likely to be a probably with your CPU chip rather than a power supply problem. Your machine may also be overheating.

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    Maybe neither PSU is grunty enough. If you're trying to run too many powerful devices off it, that could explain what's happening. What sort of machine are you running?
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    It's not what goes into the transformer, it's what goes out again... my laptop only takes 19V... so if you've plugged it straight into the mains at 230/240V I think you're definitely looking at roast hard disk. Otherwise should be fine...
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