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Thread: What's the weather like in your part of the world?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightprowler10 View Post
    And now I just found out I have to drive 250 miles South and back tonight because my father-in-law's POS beemer broke down in middle-of-nowhere, illinois, and the snow is still blowing all over the place.
    Ended up driving down to Effingham, as suspected in the middle of effing nowhere. What should've been a 4 hour trek took almost 9 hours going there and another 6 hours coming back. The last 30 miles to the town was nothing but thick (though thankfully rough) ice with no patches of road. I think I counted at least 70 vehicles that had gone down a ditch including several 18-wheelers that were flipped over. Scariest drive ever, in a light as a feather Camry to boot.

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    My Dad can give your Dad an eight point infraction for disobeying fathers instructions.
    So going to use the infraction system if I ever become a dad. Daily updated points tally on the fridge. Ban = listening to my favorite music everyday until the "ban" expires. If my kids hate my music as much as I hated my father's, this will certainly be the worst punishment.
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    Mumbai has been uncommonly cold. A couple of days ago it was 13 degrees C !!

    Of course we are not complaining :o)

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    Quote Originally Posted by benchmark00 View Post
    At 11am here today it's -37 degrees. Earlier on it got to -40.
    Wish I'd seen this. I'd have encouraged you to go and sit outside and freshen up for six or seven hours.
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    Kohli. Do something in test cricket for once please.


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    it's like 30 degrees celsius and pissing rain, lots of lightning. feels like i'm in qld
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    ^real tearjerker from this cock

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