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Thread: 24 v Lost 2007 Australian Season

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    24 v Lost 2007 Australian Season

    Just wondering which series people enjoy more and for the Aussies what are you looking forward to more in 2007 ?

    For me its definitely 24 - cracking series with a great cast.
    I lost interest in Lost (no pun intended) part way thru last season but I thought the series picked up well towards the end and should make for good viewing this year.
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    24 easily. Only 5 episodes into season 6 and its already shaping up into a cracker.
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    Neither tbh. Will watch My Name is Earl though.
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    I watch both but I definitely prefer 24.
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    the first season of 24 had some novelty and was quite gripping but it ended fairly tamely and the 2nd season started quite crappily and since then i lost interest.....

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    Neither. Lost never caught on with me, I mean I doubt very many people would survive the way the plane crashed. I mean the los of oxygen, the impact of it hittng the water and the plane breaking up etc.
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    Lost by miles...

    Also looking forward to the return of My name is earl and How i met your mother...

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    Won't really be watching any of the shows mentioned here. Just waiting for the Chaser tbh.
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    How I Met Your Mother is such a terrible show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anil View Post
    the first season of 24 had some novelty and was quite gripping but it ended fairly tamely and the 2nd season started quite crappily and since then i lost interest.....
    Wow, I thought the second season of 24 was the best, although it still suffered (like the first season) from placing Jack's daughter in constant, repetitive (and at times completely irrational) danger.

    Third season was a bit meh, though the last section of it (with the virus breakout at the hotel) was probably the best it's ever been.

    Pretty much like 'em all though. The fourth season had hilarious fascist overtones that were effectively justified by what the Pres got up to in the fifth season. Can't help laughing at the cavalier attitude to torture either - torturing their own employees (constantly), and best of all, the Secretary of Defence's own son (with his father's permission). Fantastic execution though, and Sutherland is solid (and scary at times) without ever really decending into cliche.

    Like Lost quite a bit as well. Must be in the minority, 'cause I thought season 2 was a lot better than season 1, which really ambled along from around the middle.
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    24 easily, although I haven't started on the current 24 season yet. Current season of Lost is quite good though.
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    Have to admit I gave up on 24 about six episodes into the fourth (I think) series. I just couldn't bring myself to commit the effort for another whole series. Think it was Jack having to hold up a service station to play for time that tipped me over the edge.

    Still sticking with Lost, but it is very annoying the complete lack of closure you get from that show.
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    Lost love it

    24 could never interest me at all!
    P.S. We beat England at Lord's
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    They're both losing it a bit for mine, 24 still scrapes in ahead tho. Desperate Housewives has gone to the dogs.

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    24 > Lost, but only marginally. I genuinely believe 24 season five to be the best series of television ever made. If season six betters it I may explode with excitement.

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