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Thread: CricketWeb in 2001

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    Bitch please, I'm from West Yorkshire

    CricketWeb in 2001

    Quote Originally Posted by Top_Cat View Post
    1) Had double pneumonia as a kid, as did my twin sis. Doctors told my parents to pray that we lived through the night. Dad said **** off, I'm an atheist, you ****s better save my kids, etc. Then prayed anyway.

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    Whoa, leaps and bounds and all that.
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    Wow, Retro-rific!
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    ffs, whose that Marc Robbins tool
    Quote Originally Posted by vic_orthdox View Post
    Don't like using my iPod dock. Ruins battery life too much.
    Quote Originally Posted by benchmark00 View Post
    Thanks Dick Smith. Will remember to subscribe to your newsletter for more electronic fun facts.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Langeveldt
    ffs, whose that Marc Robbins tool
    Not needed and you know it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup
    Not needed and you know it...
    Sorry, who's?

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    Ha Ha I was just speaking to Rich Twyman about it and he said they thought It was ausome certainly pales in comparision to today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Langeveldt
    ffs, whose that Marc Robbins tool
    this guy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpr
    'His spell at Filbert Street was not successful and he fell behind Emile Heskey, Steve Claridge and Ian Marshall in the pecking order to lead the Leicester attack.'

    Ouch, poor guy, must have been really out of form.
    Quote Originally Posted by cpr View Post
    3. Although Cow Tipping is a hilarious student game in backwater towns such as Bangor, there really is no need for Mitchell to cover one side of the cow in superglue

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    still scratching around in the same old hole
    Its cool how you can still access the forum
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    I remember that forum look. Amazing!
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    Not bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightprowler10
    Whoa, leaps and bounds and all that.
    Rest In Peace Craigos

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    It looks ugly tbh

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    Ahh, brings back old memories....

    Around that time Andre, James, Neil, Rich (hope I haven't missed anyone) were the main contributors. Staff members had a penchant for news hunting and were desperate to update the site whenever possible. In 2001 James posted about his birthday on CW main page. He was always on the lookout for new staff members(it was easier to be a staff member in those days compared to today). CW initially was restricted to Australia and New Zealand only, with Andre handling more of Australia and James handling more of NZ.

    James advertised about CW on CricketGames. He registered as kiwi on the forums and posted about CW, which had just started. As far as I know CW came into limelight when Daniel's (CG's webmaster) host imposed a restriction on downloads, which meant downloads couldn't be hosted on his site. James was kind to offer Daniel the web space by putting all the files onto CW. This way fans of CG were happy, and many discovered CW this way.

    CW kept on expanding slowly. James' confidence in staff members played a significant part in CW's expansion. He always used to believe in them and gave them ample oppertunities to display what they could. He himself used to contact people to be a part of CW staff (that's 4-5 years ago) and never discouraged anyone. He is responsible for bringing out the best from a lot of people.

    Andre's contributions were significant. As much as I saw he handled his positon as the vice-webmaster(if I am not wrong) in a responsible and mature way. He used to do the maximum number of updates and during WC2003 he devised the entire schedule for the staff members. Till 2003 he was the most important guy for CW, alongwith James.

    CW Forums used to be powered by a software called XMB but due to its limitations an upgrade to vBulletin was made. I used to post my off-topic threads at CricketGames forums, but when the permission to start such threads got denied in the Forum Rules I started posting here. At that time there was a guy from NZ, 13 years old(can't recollect his name now), FrontierPsycatrist, some Caption guy, etc. were the biggest posters. None of us had ever thought that Marc will turn out to be the one with maximum number of posts. Back then reaching 100 posts was considered to be big.

    Ahh, the good old days... why am I feeling like a 60-year old?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DD

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