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Thread: Happy Diwali to everyone

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    Yeah, I can never tell the difference between Jalebis and Imartis. Tbh, I never really bothered to do so, both taste great to me.

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    Definitely Jalebi. As Simli mentioned the other one is red and of a different texture.

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    Happy Diwali everyone

    Oh and jalebis blow imartis out of the water
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    Going to get really fat in the next week or so. Won't regret it one bit.
    Quote Originally Posted by weldone View Post
    Wow baby, that gave me an orgasmic pleasure!
    Quote Originally Posted by ajaagarkarajaaja View Post
    All Prasie to Ajit Bhalchandra Agarkar, the pride of Mumbai, the terminator at Adelaide.
    Quote Originally Posted by VoL View Post
    I've joined this forum, just so that i can agree with OverratedSanity...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverratedSanity View Post
    Going to get really fat in the next week or so. Won't regret it one bit.
    if there's one bit of holiday spirit that transcends us all
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