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Thread: Funny news pranks and bloopers

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    Quote Originally Posted by dubai194
    so dont watch them if you dont speak bad words
    I don't think we are allowed to speak bad words dude
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    Don't like using my iPod dock. Ruins battery life too much.
    Quote Originally Posted by benchmark00 View Post
    Thanks Dick Smith. Will remember to subscribe to your newsletter for more electronic fun facts.


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    funniest news prank video on the net was the time some reporter was reporting news live of some murder on some college campus. next thing you know, some larikan runs past the camera nude and lets off a ripper of a fart. i lol'd after that one.

    edit; just realised its the second 1 in that list. hehehehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpr View Post
    3. Although Cow Tipping is a hilarious student game in backwater towns such as Bangor, there really is no need for Mitchell to cover one side of the cow in superglue

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