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Thread: What is the last video game that you played?

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    Currently playing Star Ocean: Until the End of Time (yet again ) and Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2, both on PS2.
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    Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2 is one of the best game ever best combo IMO is Barbarian and the necromanser also any news on when number 3 is coming out?
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    I have no clue, only game I actively check a release date of is FFXII. Dying for it, to be honest. Got so sick of playing all the FF games through from 1 - 10 (10-2 and all the other numerous spinoffs included). Plus I'm growing tired of my Dragon Warrior, Zelda, SaGa, Star Ocean, and whatever RPG's I can manage to get my hands on. Even bought Fable for PC I needed one so bad. FFXI grew tiresome too after I got my Dragoon to level 57.

    Anyway, after a quick wiki hookup, it seems Dark Alliance III has been cancelled.

    Quote Originally Posted by wiki
    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance III

    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance III was to be the next game in the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance series. Instead, Snowblind Studios continued the game series with the Everquest license, releasing Champions of Norrath, and Champions: Return to Arms. Many fans were disappointed (especially after seeing the teaser trailer for Dark Alliance III at the end of Dark Alliance II) that Dark Alliance III was cancelled.
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    thats it that company are off my Christmas card list never really liked CON or everquest they will just lose a lot of money due to poor sales

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    Impressive guys, but its disappointing to not see anyone playing WOW.
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    Starters Orders 2, and before that Madden 07.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C_C
    We should play sometime online then if you got the time.
    What are your favourite towns ? Mine are Conflux(duh!), Rampart and Dungeon.
    Tower would be at the top of the list if it didnt cost an arm and a leg
    Defaintly. I prefer necro and the human town (forget the technical term)
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    Recently finished The Godfather & I'm currently playing Hitman:Blood Money.I will get Bully,Pro Evolution Soccer 6 & Final Fantasy XII(as soon as they're out)& keep playing them until SmackDown! vs Raw 2007 comes out next month.

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    And Mario Party.
    haha, i was looking for that on ebay the other day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoT_SpIn
    Defaintly. I prefer necro and the human town (forget the technical term)
    Man i hate the necro do you play it ?
    You cant mix any creature with necro town or its 'booo low morale'.
    Human town = castle ( duh! )
    Archangels are super but no 5th lvl mage guild = bad.
    < incase you didnt notice, i picked magic-heavy towns >

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    i just played madden 06 and nba 2k6 quality games
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    Probably tinkering with Oblivion here and there, but I don't get that much time to sit down and play these days. Aesthetically, it's amazing.
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    Madden 05

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    Quote Originally Posted by C_C
    My other favourite game is Heroes of Might and Magic 3. 4 sucked...5 i cant run.
    4 Was a shocker, 5 was decent but nowhere near the joys of 3.

    Necropolis - Just so much fun, and if you play it right your skeletons are numerous enough to make necro worthwhile. Vampire Lords are fantastic, Liche Kings are very useful if used correctly. Dread Knights possibly the best unit in the game, for mine.. Ghost Dragons - Worst. Unit. Ever.

    Fortress - Slow, Wyverns Suck, Only redeeming feature Mighty Gorgons, most fun to play.

    My two favourites.
    I hate conflux (too powerful for mine).
    If you want to play it cheap, Castle and Loynis, beats everything bar Conflux.
    Rampart are very good except for level 7.
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    Picked up PES4 for $15 the other day. A better game than PES 5 IMO, PES 4 is all out attack to PES 5's largely defensive approach. The passing system is alot easier and it's good beating players while dribbline and it's also possible to beat players for speed. PES 5 is far more structured and you have to be patient and break down the opposition defence (I've noticed on 3 stars the computer sits back mor ethan 6 stars, which is what I play on). Great game, hopefully PES 6 is closer to 4.

    Also got LMA 2005 for $20. Thought it'd be pathetic, actually really addicting. Really solid manager game, not in the FM/CM mould and probably not as good but I'm really impressed still. The 3d is actually good.
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