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Thread: How did your weekend go?

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    How did your weekend go?

    How was your weekend, what did you do?

    Friday - Went Bowling till ten, then went to the local for a game of pool.

    Saturday - One of the best saturdays ever. Watched forest beat Swansea 3-1, then went to an awesome party which included 5 of us kicking freddie's *** with We are the champions

    Sunday - Homework
    This Weeks Samit Patel Fact - Has been mentioned in 32 of my posts

    The Rifles - Whats your verdict?

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    They all said "Hallo," and felt awkward and unhappy suddenly, because it was a sort of good-bye they were saying, and they didn't want to think about it.
    hmm smacks a bit of the what made you day / ruined you day thread for me..but anyway...

    been an ok weekend, worked on saturday, watched xfactor, watched match of the day, sleep, today just played FM and watched peep show, now on here, probs watch match of the day 2 later and do some reading before sleep, generally weekends are pretty pap most of the time for me, weekdays are a lot more interesting, sunday is just such a slow slog of boredom.

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    Agreed, use this thread Tomm NCCC

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