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Thread: Your Favourite TV show

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    Your Favourite TV show

    Yes I am bored, bored, bored

    But it's also a football free evening, which has a plus side to it as I get to watch my very favourite programme, I always get mocked for being a keen and ardent watcher of "The Bill" but it is quite simply the greatest thing on television

    Closely followed by lost, of course

    The worst would have to be Big Brother

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    There's a thread for this somewhere amongst the OT archives, I think, but FWIW, my favourite show is LOST, by a mile.

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    The Office
    Peep Show
    Alan Partridge
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    Only watch TV when there's sport on, pretty much, so no big tastes. The other things would be obscure Norwegian comedy.
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    "The Bill"
    hahah the bill is hilarious, stupid but amusing, as far removed from reality as possible perhaps.

    but as rich has already said, peep show is excellent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sledger
    hahah the bill is hilarious, stupid but amusing, as far removed from reality as possible perhaps.

    but as rich has already said, peep show is excellent.
    Is it, other than the bad acting, many of the storylines are pretty close to home, other than police officers sniper one another from tall buildings of course.

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    Current- The Wire, Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Sopranos, TNA wrestling.

    Old stuff- Crime Story, Rockford Files, Miami Vice, Alan Partridge, Quincy M.E, Diagnosis Murder, Seinfeld.
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    Most of my favourite TV shows finished recently, like Six Feet Under and Angel. Haven't watched much aside from sport, news and movies in a while.
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    Coronation Street

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    Quote Originally Posted by TT Boy
    Rockford Files, Quincy M.E
    I could easily watch 24 hr marathons of either. Add in Ironside and you have my 3 fav. old shows. I never enjoyed Columbo though. Maybe it was Peter Falk
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    24, lost and the office

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    The OC, Six Feet Under, Charmed and Lost are about the only shows ive gone out of my way to watch in the last couple of years...

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    Prison Break
    Footy Show
    World Game
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    I'd live a long life on a diet of Scrubs.
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    Charmed (on occasion)
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