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Thread: Your Favourite TV show

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    Family Guy
    The OC
    Law and Order: Criminal Intent
    Star Trek
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    Derby, England.
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    The Day Today
    Brass Eye
    HIGNFY when Boris is involved, although I do watch it when I remember anyway.
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    The Prisoner
    Prisoner ("cell block H" over here, brilliant Aussie series I watched religiously as a youngster)
    Man in a Suitcase
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    Border Security
    Whos line is it anyway
    Hogans Heroes
    Spicks and Specks
    Head 2 Head
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    Had to dig this thread. Last week I bought the first 2 seasons of Coupling on DVD and it is now easily my favourite TV show ever.

    So that must be added to my earlier list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Ed_ View Post
    Had to dig this thread. Last week I bought the first 2 seasons of Coupling on DVD and it is now easily my favourite TV show ever.

    So that must be added to my earlier list.

    Haha, yeah. That show quite surprised me a bit because a friend who didn't like it warned me it was an American style Brit comedy. But TBH I enjoyed it a lot. Hilarious show.
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    Little Britain
    Dirty Sanchez

    Excellent shows, top quality entertainment.
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    Devon, UK
    Probably anything cricket realated, or 7 de Laan..

    I was impressed with the American version of the office.. I love the UK office and hate American "comedy", but this was refreshing and fun
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    All over the shop
    Haha, can't believe I posted that my favourite show was Lost. Must have been before I started watching 24.

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    Deep, deep south

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    Deep, deep south
    And this is why:

    Wells' impassive, deadpan style has been called "newsnight-of-the-living-dead" by the New Zealand Listener, though the same article claimed "Wells would be compelling viewing reading the phone book."[1] He became notorious in November 2003 when an episode of Eating Media Lunch featured a spoof of the current affairs programme Target, who often would use hidden cameras to catch less than reliable tradepersons or workers. In it, the spoof depicted two actors as camera technicians in someone else's home and being caught on hidden camera in various degrading acts such as masturbation, defecation (on a kitchen stove), injecting and smoking drugs and phone sex. Also, one technician stripped naked and covered himself with cling wrap, and later urinated on the other technician. The spoof attracted several complaints from viewers, however in March 2004 the BSA (Broadcasting Standards Authority) of New Zealand found the episode had not breached any guidelines.

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    Behind the Stumps
    top gear>chasers war on everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stumped View Post
    top gear>chasers war on everything
    Haha Stumped. The thing on the left of the > sign is meant to be the better one.
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    Dec 2006
    Northern Ireland
    Family Guy
    The Mighty Boosh
    Soccer Am (when i manage to get up and watch it/when im not playing rugby)
    American Dad
    any Cricket!!
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    International 12th Man irfan's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Prison Break
    Family Guy
    Heroes (really good after the first few eps)
    Chappelle's Show
    Mind Of Mencia
    The OC ( gone to pot after the 3rd season tho)
    One Tree Hill

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    Madhouse on Madison
    24, The Shield, Scrubs, Spongebob Squarepants.
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