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Thread: Were you ever thrown out of the class by your teacher?

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    Icon12 Were you ever thrown out of the class by your teacher?

    Only once did this happen.

    I was in 8th and hadn't completed my punjabi homework(language, hence not very interesting). So my teacher ordered me to stand outside the class. Which I did.

    After that I never had to take stance outside the class.
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    I have a few good ones on this subject, funnily enough all from the 1 class..

    I had a very crazy science teacher, she seemed to just lose it occasionally..

    One guy in our class (Chris) always used to push her buttons perfectly and get her to really go off..

    Anyway one day we were waiting outside the classroom for her to arrive and unlock the door, and when she did her 1st words were "Chris outside now".. Him being the smart *** he quickly pointed out that he already was which just riled her up more..

    Anyway 25 minutes into the lesson 7 of the 12 boys in the class were gone.. Red Carded.. I think i was about # 3, but by the time i got out, there was a note on the floor just outside.. Gone to Hungry Jacks, meet you there...

    All the guys who had been Red Carded prior had decided that we would all head to the Hungry Jacks store just around the corner from school.. By the time the class ended we had just over half the class gone..

    It was the 2nd funniest day in my school life, Only 2nd to the day that Chris (the same guy) mooned our English Teacher..

    Ah those were the days..

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    I once threw a water bottle at a teacher, stuck my middle finger at a teacher and swore at one, all resulting in getting kicked out of class and suspended. I think I was suspended about 12 times in school, all of which I look upon with regret especially since I am friends with some of those teachers now and am sorry about how difficult I made their lives.

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    The first time I was beaten by a teacher, I was 6 (leather strap).

    My crime?

    Writing left-handed.
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    Couldnt have said it better, Daniel. Sorry if this sounds rude, but exactly how old are you, eddie?

    I did have to stand outside the staff room, once for 20 minutes because I was late to registration three times in a row. No picnic, I must say, standing outside in the sub-zero temperatures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cricketboy29
    Couldnt have said it better, Daniel. Sorry if this sounds rude, but exactly how old are you, eddie?

    Roughly translated as too blooming old.

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    Ive actually lost count of the times Ive been thrown out.. Most of the time by science teachers... what can i say science sucks needed to keep myself entertained... Always used to get sent out in my history class.. the teacher was such a ********.. everyone used to bet to see how long it would take me to be sent out lol... And i have been suspended as well.. only once tho.. for a day.. and u know what i did? set off the fire hose thingy.. accidently.. the pin was already out and i lead on it and the rest is history
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    I too have lost count - most memorably wayyyy back in Year 7 when I lobbed a pencil across the room at the teacher who had his back turned to us while writing on his whiteboard.

    Being called a rat, a prat, and a "sad case" for mocking my teacher's rather obvious wig was also amusing.
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    Well... yeah.
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    You rebels! Disgraceful behaviour all round.

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    Used to get thrown out of Yr9 French a hell of a lot. Held the school record for getting sent out the quickest, literally walked in, shouted 'Moose' and was outside.

    I also managed to get the 3rd most after school detentions in our year with a total of 25 picked up between years 7-11 (nearly all came in year 9 + 10) of which i only did about half.
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    In year nine I did music under a really awful teacher. One of our assignments was go away, form a band and make a song, and she gave us a whole term to do it. Translation: a whole term's worth of unsupervised mucking around with the mates. The school facilities included two drum kits, one or two cruddy electric guitars and a whole room full of about twenty-five nylong string acoustic guitars which were the only available equipment on most days.

    I also used to know this guy who did extraordinarily loud burps that sounded like Ti'ulk or whatever that guy from Stargate was called. In one of our lessons, when he was putting a guitar but I told him to smash his head through one of them. It didn't take as much convincing as first thought. Soon after that he suddenly left the school, so I took the opportunity to smash a whole pile more of them with my fist and blame it on him. Soon punching fist-sized holes in guitars wasn't enough. I needed something else; something sustainable.

    Enter the hi-hat. I just smashed a whole lot of keyhole-sized openings in the guitars (20+ on some of them.) They were great value. I liked to think of them as acoustic tweakers. School admin didn't.

    Go figure.
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    Yeah French lessons were generally spent outside the classroom by myself. I managed to still get B's by putting on a French accent in the French speaking test. The writign one's weren't too hard becase there were posters around the room with French written on them and the english translations.

    Otherwise I'ev been sent out heaps of times. Mostly just for talking but a fair few have been for throwing objects around the room. Haven't erally been sent out since about year 9 though.
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    i used to get in trouble a lot when i was in year 7 and 8, after that though i was alright, but when i wa about 13 or 14 i guess i was like most kids, a real shithead...

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