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Thread: Smoking Ban

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    Smoking Ban

    Smoking will be banned in all pubs and clubs from 2007 after MPs voted for a total ban this evening. I am unsure where i stand on this issue but i would probably alow smoking to remain in pubs if there was separate areas for eating. What are everyones thoughts?

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    I'm all for it
    Or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamee999
    I'm all for it
    So am I, in public places, restaurants, bars, hotels etc. However as much as I hate smoking/smokers, I feel that they should be allowed to smoke in private clubs (If it is permitted in the rules), which I think is half the argument.

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    I'm a non-smoker, but I'm anti a blanket ban. By all means allow individual pubs to ban it from their premises, but such a sweeping ban smacks of the nanny-state a bit.

    I would imagine alcohol is responsible for a 1000x more deaths (through drunken drivers & alcohol related violence) that second-hand smoke is.
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    I hate having to passive smoke, all for the ban.
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    I am a smoker and i think it is friggin stupid to ban smoking from bars.
    why ? because of passive smoking giving you lung cancer and all that jazz ?
    Well each time you walk 10 minutes by a standard arterial road, you are inhaling more toxins than an entire pack of second hand smoke !
    It is uncomfortable/bad smelling ? well in that case, get some of those static smoke room thingies you find at seoul airport - no 'airtight room' business - just a 5 feetx5feetx5 feet glass panelled roofless enclosure with static stuff near the ground, which makes the smoke go up for about 1 foot and curl down into the static catchers....

    Whats next ? ban chewing gums because they create such a nuisance ?

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    I'm a social smoker (only light up after 10 pints or so) but I'm happy with the total ban in NZ. The workers shouldn't be forced to inhale other people's smoke. I happily go outside for a ciggy. And besides, it's provided a new form of picking up women - "smirting" (flirting while smoking).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltman
    And besides, it's provided a new form of picking up women - "smirting" (flirting while smoking).

    Always one for an opportunity ay Volts?
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    About time too.
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    Great news for me. As a non-smoker who can't stand the smell of smoke, it means being in pubs will be far more enjoyable for me. Screw the rest of you, smokers.

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    I don't smoke, but if someone wants to smoke and if the owner of a premises wants to allow smoking, that's their business. And if you don't like it, **** off and find a bar owned by someone with the same views as you.

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    I think it was inevitable to an extent, it was only a matter of time before there was a wave of claims against employers for working in an environment where they're exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke.

    Just a shame there'll still be the usual people who smoke right on the doorstep such that it is impossible to avoid them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PY

    Always one for an opportunity ay Volts?
    Unfortunately, I'm too busy dragging back on the ciggy to indulge in conversation.

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    I think it should be up to the individual establishments, personally. The issue of access to non-smoking pubs would sort itself out quickly enough.
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    i dont care who smokes as long as they dont force it on me
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