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Thread: Random 10

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    International Vice-Captain Anna's Avatar
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    Jan 2003

    Random 10

    Seeing as I'm supposed to be revising, I've come up with a new thread idea (well, borrowed it from another site ).

    Simply put your iPod/mp3 player/whatever it may be on random and list the first 10 songs it comes up with. No deleting embarassing tracks!! Twill be interesting to see what happens....

    1) Run - Snow Patrol
    2) Black and White Town - Doves
    3) Time Is Running Out - Muse
    4) Oxygen - Feeder
    5) Damn - Matchbox Twenty
    6) Nancy Boy - Placebo
    7) Sing For Absolution - Muse
    8) Vehicles and Animals - Athlete
    9) Doorman - Stereophonics
    10) Shame - Matchbox Twenty


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    Cricketer Of The Year Kweek's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Haarlem, The Netherlands
    1. Jamie Cullum- london skies
    2.Oasis- mucky fingers
    3 Karen Zoid- Afrikaans is plesirig
    4.Led zeppeling - Heartbraker
    5.Oasis - Live forever
    6.Norah jones - what am i to you.
    7.The offspring - Kids aren't allright
    8.Oasis-Bring it on down
    9.Duke Ellington -rain check
    10.Foo Fighters - on the mind
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    Wishful thinking on your behalf.

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    Banned squeakyclean's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Camelford, Cornwall
    She's So Strange - Travis
    Rolling Sly Stone - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Ignoreland - REM
    Love is Blindness - U2
    Agitated - Muse
    Hands Away - Interpol
    The Difference - The Wallflowers
    Speed of Sound - Coldplay
    O Green World - Gorillaz
    You Talk Way Too Much - The Strokes

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    Spanish_Vicente sledger's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    Elm, he do brood. And Oak, he do hate. But the Willow-man goes walking, If you stays out late.
    Bodyrock - Moby
    Pushin on - quantic soul orchestra
    Kill all hippies - primal scream
    here, my dear - marvin gaye
    son of mr green jeans - frank zappa
    in space - royksopp
    good times gonna come - aqualung
    sorry so sorry - howie day
    neon - john mayer
    a tune for jack - lemon jelly

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    Cricket Web Staff Member luckyeddie's Avatar
    Target Champion! Stuarts Xtreme Skateboarding Champion!
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    Jun 2002
    Derby, England
    3 Doors Down - Be Like That
    Chris Rea - You Must Be Evil
    Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Jeremy Bender
    Bruce Dickinson - Fire
    Flogging Molly - The Likes Of You
    Tenacious D - ***k Her Gently (I kid you not - sorry)
    Soundgarden - Boot Camp
    System Of A Down - This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song
    Roxy Music - Street Life
    Rammstein - Engel
    Nigel Clough's Black and White Army, beating Forest away with 10 men

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend _Ed_'s Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Marsden Bay, NZ
    The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn in His Side
    Maximo Park - I Want You To Stay
    Muse - Plug In Baby
    Athlete - Shake Those Windows
    Muse - Showbiz
    Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American
    Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning
    Feeder - Quick Fade
    Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
    Radiohead - True Love Waits

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    All Time Legend Paid The Umpire's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    In Your House, With A Knife!
    Quote Originally Posted by luckyeddie
    Tenacious D - ***k Her Gently (I kid you not - sorry)
    I don't mind sucking on toes!

    Songs I knew:
    Speed of Sound - Coldplay
    Tenacious D - ***k Her Gently
    Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (heck, it's on my list also)

    My 10:
    Eight Days A Week - The Beatles
    19-2000 - Gorillaz
    Sherwood Forest Rap #1 and #2 - From Robin Hood: Men In Tights
    Jurassic Park - Weird Al Yankovic
    Orange Crush - REM
    Cats In The Cradle - Harry Chapin
    Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees
    We Didn't Start The Fire - Billy Joel
    Beverly Hills Cop Theme
    Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

    Not a bad ten i thinks
    Last edited by Paid The Umpire; 13-11-2005 at 06:24 PM. Reason: Wanted to add the songs i knew bit

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    International Vice-Captain Dasa's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    RJD2 - Good Times Roll Pt. 2
    Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick - The Show
    Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf - Here's a Smirk
    Beach Boys - Come Go With Me
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
    Radiohead - Backdrifts (Honeymoon is over)
    Jimi Hendrix - Sweet Angel
    A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way
    Co-Real Artists - What About You
    Digital Underground - Kiss You Back

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    Global Moderator vic_orthdox's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Melbourne, Australia
    1. Whitlams, The - Up Against the Wall
    2. Streets, The - Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
    3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Friends
    4. Queens of the Stone Age - Go With the Flow
    5. Cat Empire, The - Chariot, The
    6. Pearl Jam - Jeremy
    7. Coldplay - Politik
    8. Radiohead - Electioneering
    9. Buckley, Jeff - Vancouver
    10. Oasis - Roll With It.

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    Request Your Custom Title Now! Simon's Avatar
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    May 2002
    1 Roses - Outkast
    2 Double Team - Tenacious D
    3 36 Degrees - Placebo
    4 If I Could Be Like That - Three Doors Down
    5 Nobody Can Win - Garbage
    6 Personal Space Invader - Sugar Ray
    7 Stupid Girl - Garbage
    8 Too Much To Ask - Avril Lavigne
    9 Girl Like That - Custard
    10 Amazing - Alex Lloyd

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    Tim is offline
    Cricketer Of The Year Tim's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    1. Magic Numbers - Forever Lost
    2. The Von Bondies - No Regrets
    3. Franz Ferdinand - Do you want to
    4. Third Eye Blind - Jumper
    5. Foo Fighters - A320
    6. Thrice - The Earth will Shake
    7. Bloc Party - Two More Years
    8. Nine Inch Nails - Hand that feeds
    9. Funeral for a Friend - Sunday Bloody Sunday
    10. Alanis Morisette - Thank You

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    International Regular Beleg's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    1. Guddi Meri Sajna Day Kothay Uttay Arh Gai - Not sure of the identiy of the singer, perhaps Tanveer Afridi?
    2. Rose Marie - Slim Whitman
    3. Close Cover - Minimalistix
    4. Always There In You - The Valli Girls (Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants)
    5. Unknown Song - Aamir Zaki
    6. Falling Down - Staind
    7. Rewind - Craig David
    8. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas - Christmas For Kids
    9. Pride And Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughn
    10. Drop In The Ocean - Michelle Branch

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    Hall of Fame Member FaaipDeOiad's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    The Pogues - Dirty Old Town
    Sepultura - Biotech Is Godzilla
    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Under This Moon
    Nina Simone - Don't Smoke In Bed
    Metallica - Master Of Puppets
    Frank Zappa - Dancin' Fool
    The *** Pistols - God Save The Queen
    The Pixies - Gigantic
    Leonard Cohen - Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On
    The Cure - The Hanging Garden

    Couple of somewhat embarassing ones, but some good ones too.
    It's cold on the outside they say
    But the cold leaves you clear while the heat leaves a haze

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend andyc's Avatar
    Yeti Sports 1.5 Champion!
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    Dec 2004
    I Feel Fine- The Beatles
    Do it With Madonna- The Androids
    One Four Five- The Cat Empire
    Trapped- The Living End
    Ticket to Ride- The Beatles
    Believe in What You Want- Jimmy Eat World
    Shake A Leg- AC/DC
    Baby Break It Down- The Rolling Stones
    Dysentery Gary- Blink 182
    Requiem Overture- Howard Shore (from LOTR)
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    Only a bunch of convicts having been beaten 3-0 and gone 9 tests without a win and won just 1 in 11 against England could go into the home series saying they will win. England will win in Australia again this winter as they are a better side which they have shown this summer. 3-0 doesn't lie girls.

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    State Vice-Captain Dark Hunter's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    The List
    Liberate - Slipknot
    Nobody's Listening - Linkin Park
    Prison Song - System Of A Down
    Cannibals' Hymn - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
    Lowrider - Korn
    Blow Up The Outside World - Soundgarden
    Vermillion (Live) - Slipknot
    State Of Love And Trust - Pearl Jam
    Berlin Chair - You Am I
    The Line Begins To Blur - Nine Inch Nails
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