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Thread: RIP Don Adams (Maxwell Smart)

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    RIP Don Adams (Maxwell Smart)

    The star of Get Smart, Don Adams, just died.
    I know Get Smart is well liked on these forums, and I really loved watching repeats of it as a kid. It really was a great show and Adams pulled off the absolute stupidness of Smart so well.
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    ah that sucks, it was an awesome show, i use to always watch it of a sunday arvo at 5.30 on seven...
    he will be missed im sure RIP...
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    Did you know he was the third man on the moon?
    Would you believe the sixth?
    Ok, how about a girl scout with a box of cookies?

    He did died at the age of 82.
    If if was 85... he could have said this....
    "Missed it by that much!"

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    That's horrible news. My favourite was "That's the second biggest arrow I've ever seen". Also, did great work on Inspector Gadget. I loved that as a little kid

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    What about his shoe-phone. That was arguably the coolest appliance ever on TV. Also, even after years of seeing it, I always used to laugh at the intro of the show, when he got his nose caught in the elevator doors. Classic!

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    Yeah, it's a shame. Lived to a decent age though. I loved "Get Smart" - one of those early shows that everybody could quote a few repetitive lines of. The schtick didn't get much newer, but it stayed reasonably funny. And I loved the Chief ("call it a lucky guess, Max").

    There's apparently a new film being made of the series with Steve Carell (from the awful, American version of "The Office") in the lead, which will probably be awful.
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