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Thread: why i hate england

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    why i hate england

    pathetic patriotism, i cant stand jerusalem, i cant stand the fat idiots walking around tesco in their football shirts stiinking of fags and beer, i cant stand the tories, i cant stand pollit, i cant stand sheffield, i cant stand binge drikers, i i cant stand man utd, i cant stand the england football team, i cant stand people who think they know loads about cricket because they have watced one ashes test match and now know that strauss is the best player ever, i cant stand rikki clarke, i cant stand the crap weather, i cant stand the tabloids, i cant stand ant and dec, i cant stand hood, AND I HATE THE BLOODY ROYAL FAMILY!

    what do you hate about england?

    (note: the contents of the above might not be entirely sincere)

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    That they may beat us at cricket

    And warm beer
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    i have new hates, i also hate the national anthem, i hate garden gnomes, i despise rob key, i despise the dimblebees and the chuckle brothers.

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    All I can say is, what is the point.

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