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Thread: 9/11: Where were you?

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    9/11: Where were you?

    I saw this on another forum that I visit and I thought I'd start it here seeing as today is the 4th Anniversary of the atrocities that were commited in the US.

    Well, I was taking an after-school course and I didn't hear anything until that finished at 4PM. My Mum was waiting for me outside in the car and as soon as I got in she asked me whether I had heard about what had happened. I said that I hadn't and she said that two planes had crashed into World Trade Centre buildings. I remember thinking, what the hell are the World Trade Centre buildings? I honestly hadn't heard of them before 9/11. I can also remember sort of shrugging it off, I didn't think it was as major then as it turned out to be.

    So, we got home and my Dad was watching Sky News. I saw the pictures and literally couldn't say anything for about ten minutes. I quietly made my way upstairs and got changed out of my school uniform and then returned to sit with my Parents for the rest of the night watching various news programmes, truly shocked at what had happened.


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    I was in a pretty similar situation to you, walking home from school, totally oblivious and when I got home I just sat and watched.

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    I'd gone to bed early actually and fallen asleep at about 6 in the evneing having had little sleep the night before, and someone came and woke me and I went out and watched it on TV.

    I think my first reaction was a kind of nervous excitement, in the sense that I knew something big was happenening, and really a major attack on US soil was something I'd rather expected for some time. Obviously, I don't mean excitement in the positive sense, but more like an adrenaline rush from knowing you were watching a horrific, historic event live as it happened. Quite an amazing reflection on the time we live in that people could experience such a thing visually all over the world the way that they did.
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    I was at school. It's my sisters birthday, so when we got home she came bounding in expecting everyone to give her backetloads of attention (even more than usual), but Granddad greeted her with "Shush! They're showing it again!" We didn't have a clue what he was on about

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    I was at home, funnily enough. My car was being serviced so I'd taken the day off work. I saw the whole tragedy unfold on telly. A faintly surreal experience.
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    I was up late doing (school)work of some description that was due the next day. My mum was watching TV in another room and mentioned something about the WTC being hit. Being preoccupied, I didn't really pay much attention to what she was saying, and didn't see it on TV 'til about ten minutes later. Quite surreal really, and it took an inordinately long time for me to realise just how serious it was.

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    I was living in Singapore at the time. I was watching television in the loungeroom, and the phone rang. One of my dad's workmates rang him telling him to switch on CNN, and that the US had been attacked. I still remember the chills I received when watching the planes crash into the WTC, and seeing it collapse.

    A tragic day, may all those that died RIP.
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    I'd come home from school, and I was going to my Gran's (She lives near us) and I got in the door and turned on the TV and saw this, and she'd been home all day, doing stuff(dunno what) and she hadn't seen it, so I said something like "have you seen this" not really realising how big it was.
    Or something.

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    I was at home watching television, which is why I saw the second plane hit live. My uncle was supposed to boarding from LaGuardia for a plane to Chicago. My grandmother got all tensed up, and so I rushed to the nearest cyber cafe to call him from Net2Phone. It was late evening in India when it all happened; I stayed up all night till my uncle reached his home safely in White Plains, walking, communicating with him about what was happening around him.
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    I was at a mate playing worms 3d, and my mates dad is a adviser of the prime-minister of Holland so he rang us and said watch CNN something happend, my mate was like..aah who cares im busy with worms.
    then we heard what happend went to live footage and saw the 2nd one hit the 2nd shock me although i had a rush of adrenaline just like faaip had. it was something historic and shocking that happend. I was quiet fast aware that thing would change rapidly after the attack. and so it did.
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    I had gotten off the bus from college and was walking home when the planes hit. Got home, switched on the telly and watched the footage being aired.
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    it happened at about 1 AM in NZ so I woke up at about 6 and my sister had been watching it from when the reports started and just said shhhhhh when I walked into the living room.
    It's a sad day when a country's government attacks its people.
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    It was my second day at college, I had just got changed for a badminton game with a few mates when I got down the stairs some tool said "The Sears tower is falling down!".. Went into the common room, slumped in front of a chair and watched the whole thing unfold, second plane and all (originally thought it was a horrible "accident")..

    Wasn't impressed with the "why the hell did you miss badminton" lecture I got the day after.. Biggest day in modern history..
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    Was in English lit at college when someone burst in saying that the twin towers had been struck. Proceeded to have the class then saw it on tele after, then became convinced that i would have to enlist for the imminent war, what a newbie!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by crickhowell
    It's a sad day when a country's government attacks its people.
    Erm, what?
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