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Sean is a poet? I never knew...

I tell you, ain't it just something... reading a thread in the days when everyone was nice to Sam...
Just the way things go.. but things could be worse.. Anyway, they aren't that bad.. Was on a forum where everyone wanted to kill me coz I'm a Dog The Bounty Hunter supporter.. serves me right for going on a Pro Luster site

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Well Done Piper Maybe You Can Post Up Some Of Your Work

Congratz Anyway
Thanks Doc.. I haven't written anything new for a while but I will try to write something while I'm away next week..

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Was this a legitimate competition or one of those 'your poem and those of a thousand other chumps have been chosen for publication in a book you'll have to hand over a large sum of money to obtain' scams?
Nope. We didn't have to pay anything (except for the book when it was published). My A-Level English Teacher just told us that we had 45minutes to write a poem and that if it was good enough, it might be published. We were just happy to get out of class for an hour..