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Thread: Would he still be your freind?

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    Would he still be your freind?

    Put yourself in my position for a while, A young University student amongst my prime.

    I am pretty cool, people think im a good guy and I am good at sports.

    Here this dillemma Begins..

    I met Rodger about 5 months ago. He is a White guy, Solid build, a little intelligent even and cool. I met Rodger at Uni 5 months ago when I started my Uni life for the first time. We developed into good freinds. He is a nice guy. He helped me with some work at uni as well and almost even hooked me up with a hot chick (well that story another time). We were becoming better freinds as well. Similar interests in sports, movies playstation etc.

    Well then the trouble began last week. One of my best freinds who also went to my school and known him for years tells me Rodger steals cars. At first i was like Sh*t then realised my best freind hardly ever lies. And he was serious, some other evidence led me to beleive Rodger is stealing cars, how could he? Well he was seen to be rough at uni but I thought He was only ruthless, not a car stealer.

    I thought he was a good guy. He doesn't know that I know. Well One part of me tells me to not have anything to do with a scumbag that steals cars and hurts car owner's feelings.
    I know how it feels, my car has got stolen before.

    But there is another part of me that says he is such a good freind, who cares if he steals cars, I won't help him, He was a car stealer when i was his freind as well, so what has changed now, i know the truth now, thats all.

    So would he still be your freind? My heart is beating at the very moment And I want to decide by Friday If he is still my freind or not, At the moment I have wagged uni for a week to avoid him.


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    Okay first DON'T wag Uni. That's just avoiding the issue and you're hurting yourself in the long run.

    Second, your friend may well not be lying but he may well be wrong. Confronting Rodger about it has the potential to turn the whole situation to crap very quickly. More paranoid, Rodger may not appreciate the impact you'd have on his 'business' and you may compromise your safety.

    Third, as someone who works in the law enforcement field, I can guarantee that guys who steal cars are generally motivated by reasons other than wanting the car. Whether it be re-birthing the vehicles or selling to buy some drugs, the motivations are many and varied. The more regularly he steals cars, the more likely the motivation is likely to be drug-related.

    I'd wait for more evidence, personally. Watch for long absences at Uni (he could be doing time), whether he appears 'out of it', other people he hangs out with, etc.

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    He is full of it.. PSXPRO returns.

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    Go Away!

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