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Thread: i cant get enough of this

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    i cant get enough of this

    well i dont know about the rest of you, but i have a keen intrest in machinery such as this

    i reccomend that you check it out and maybe purchase one of your own.

    P.S. listen to the music

    P.P.S, James if this breaches the terms of my non-banning then i am sorry and i will delete it.

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    Parts Catalogs

    The best source of information about your John Deere tractor is the owner's manual and the parts catalog. The best manuals and catalogs are the ones that CAME with the tractor because they are antiques in their OWN right!
    What if you can't find OLD parts catalogs? Or worse yet, what if you DO find them and they are WAY too expensive? THEN what do you do? Well, I suppose you can get reprints from the John Deere publishing office, but they won't be anything special; they won't be "collector's items"!
    You can get Special Edition Catalogs from Deerely Departed!! These specially produced parts catalogs and manuals are drilled to fit standard binders and produced with old style images. The special edition manuals they have for sale, have the original tractor picture on the cover with the 4 legged leaping deer, with sepia toned pages on heavier stock. The binding is done in a black reinforcement and drilled for a 3 ring binder.

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