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Thread: wow i so wanna become ot mod...

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    wow i so wanna become ot mod...

    ...but first, to convince james

    james, i'll talk about some situations of my past they reflect well on my character. once at penrith station (in sydney, australia) the train was about to leave and this lady desperately needed to get her pram down the stairs. she simply couldn't be reckless because of her fragile baby, so i helped her down the stairs by carrying the bottom side of the pram and we made it on the train just in time

    also, once i went shopping at coles and on my way out, this lady's trolley fell over and all this stuff fell out. i helped her pick up some of the stuff and place the trolley upright. i think that was really nice of me. i always say "please", "thank you" and hold doors open for others. just all those little things, you know? that makes all the difference. when lindsay lohan was tired of rumors starting, who do you think was there to console her?

    on top of all that, i'd like to believe i'm a very caring person and a good listener. people often like to speak of tolerance, but i'd say i'm more the accepting type. that goes far beyond tolerance and is more meaningful imo. i wouldn't say i'm superman, no, but i think it would be fair to say i'm pretty swell. and if that's what you're looking for in a mod, well i'm your guy

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    email James. I really dont see what point the thread entails.

    Expects thread to be closed soon.

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    wow what a hero

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    hero is a word that is thrown around far too often, but in this case i can say without ego that it just might be fair

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    Just what I feared.
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