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Thread: Mythbusters

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    Does anyone else watch this absolutely brilliant T.V show? It's on SBS here in Australia and i think it's also on the discovery channel. Just love the way they basically won't do a myth unless it involves blowing something up!

    For those of u who have seen it, what's your favourite moment? For me, i can't go past the gun-powder filled jawbreaker which they put in the microwave. That, or when they dropped the elevator down the 8-storey shaft.

    It's pretty much the only way i get through monday's, knowing that i can get home and watch it.
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    We get it on Discovery here. Great stuff, I agree...favourite bit has to be when they tried to prove that a fall from a crane wasn't dangerous to a human being, so they decided to put the crane on top of two containers to get massive power out of it...the whole thing fell completely apart

    Oh, and we get five doses a week if we want to
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    i love this show, of late the dummy being thrown into the water and falling apart was pretty funny
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    its a good show. i liked the one with the deck chair and weather balloons
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    The show is ****ing awesome! I love it!
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    Yeh i watch it all the time. its on twice a week here its sick. once on sbs and once on channel 7

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