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Thread: Communication Skills

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    Communication Skills

    Hi all.

    Richard prompted this thread and I think in all spheres of life, no less an internet forum, the ability to communicate ones views is almost as important as the information contained in those views. I myself gave the example in another thread of how I have to deal with communicating complex information to stakeholders of various experience/communication skills/expertise/literacy/academic achievement so that everyone understands what I'm on about. Yes, I might be strictly presenting correct information but if no-one or few people understand it, what I'm saying is essentially meaningless.

    A few examples;

    - I might want be tasked to write an intelligence assessment on the prevalence of street crime in a particular suburb which is being perpetrated by a specific criminal gang with rather unorthodox methods. Now, if my assessment is to be viewed by commissioned officers, I can assume quite a bit about literacy, experience and knowledge of the criminology of the offenders/offences. If the same paper is to be read by patrol constables who are right out of school as well, some adjustment needs to be made, right? Here's the differences are largely relating to different levels of experience.

    - I might be asked to explain how to use a web-browser to a relatively experienced computer user where all I'd need to do is to explain what a URL is, it's basic form and where to input it. Trying to explain the same thing to a 65-year-old person who's never used a computer is rather difficult because I'd need to explain what a hard-drive is, what a 'drive' of any sort is, what 'the web' is, what a web-page is, etc. The difference here is relating to varying levels of background knowledge.

    - Explaining the economics of buying a house to an Aborginal vs non-Aborginal person in Australia is different. A non-Aboriginal person has a greater probablity of understanding right off the bat what is required because they're used to dealing with more mainstream schools of thought in relation to finances whereas an Aborginal is more likely to struggle because Aborginal people look at finances in a totally different way. The differences to overcome here are cultural.

    So, what are some strategies for overcoming issues such as these that the CW faithful have achieved? I think understand this sort of topic will ameliorate quite positively some of the many arguments which occur on this forum. I'll contribute soon.

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    On internet forums I just imagine I'm actually talking to the person and type it in. I think I'm fairly good at simplyfying technical stuff so oldies can understand, if they actually give me the chance to get it out..
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    I normally talk like i would almost in my everyday life.. no barriers or nothin.. oh except i hold back a lot of swearing for neil and his team and a lot more slang for the kind of people here.. but as far as age goes.. i never really take the real age into account when talking.. basically cause i have to be reminded each time that that person is 11 or 52 because of my shizz memory..
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    I think, in terms of the written word, one of the most important things to remember is that your work has to be visually appealing. Nowhere is this more important than on selection criteria for jobs, for instance. Even on forums, it's a good thing remember. To that end, the best lesson Ive been taught, is to keep paragraphs to about 5-7 lines.

    Nobody wants to read a big chunk of writing - it looks horrible. Sit down and pour through the selection criteria of 50 people for a job, and you'll know what I mean. After about 20 people, it becomes a real chore to read something that looks like one big blob. By contrast, people won't let out a big groan if you space your work out.
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