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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    Cricketer Of The Year James90's Avatar
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    Introduce yourself

    With the huge numbers of members we have here it is quite easy to get lost. Here is the chance to get to know people better and for newbies to tell us what they're about and who we are, rather than starting a new thread every time someone else joins (we have enough threads in Off Topic already). So I'll start the ball rolling

    I am James, 15 years old and live in Brisbane. I am passionate about cricket (Bangladesh) and football (Roosters and school rugby). I've been on this forum for a while now but only became a regular late last year.

    And who might you be?
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    International Captain Sudeep's Avatar
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    Upstate SC
    I'm Sudeep, I'm 20, and I live Baroda, Gujarat, India. I used to be a crazy cricket fan before, have lost some of the passion now because I don't get to play anymore, as Engineering forbids me from doing so.

    I write for the CW front page, have been doing so for a fair while now. I'm an ardent reader, which has helped me with my writing a lot. Ask me about books, and you won't have to speak a word for hours.
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    I'm Sangrah, I'm 19 years old and I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I'm currently a full time University Student doing a degree in Industrial Engineering from Monash University.

    My passions include music, reading, cricket, travel and ofcourse my career development. I joined up CW in June 2002, and I've had a wonderful time throughout the last three years. I'm an Indian supporter first and then secondly an Australian supporter in Cricket.

    I always try to be an honest and approachable guy (but that's up to you all to decide). Nice to meet you James....
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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend andyc's Avatar
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    Why hello there James, Sudeep and Sangrah.

    I'm Andrew, I'm 15 and live in Shanghai, China, where I've been for four years, although I was born and raised in Sydney. I'm moving back to Sydney in a few months, sadly.

    Obviously, I'm a big cricket fan, although it's hard being one in China. I also quite like soccer/football (I play keeper) and rugby. I spend a good 90% of my time on CW on OT, and in the 'One word descriptions of members' thread, most of my descriptions were related to my oh-so fruity avatar. Anyway, this is about the first full post I've written with proper capitalisation and grammar for a while, and my pinkie's getting sore at pressing the shift button continuously, so I'll end.

    (by the way, mods-- i know threads in OT aren't normally stickied but i reckon it'd be a good idea if this one was, just to provide new members a chance to introduce themselves)
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    Melbourne, Australia.
    Studying commerce (badly).
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    Gone too soon
    Hello all, I'm Dale. Please don't call me that tho, I've never really been too fond of it! The name was fashionable for about 10 seconds in the mid-70s & my old man got suckered....

    I'm 29 (think of me as the slightly creepy uncle who's never married, sits in the corner at family get-togethers & has an interesting aroma ), I'm a civil servant, have a BA in Philosophy & Sociology (very useful.... ), like sport in general & cricket, football (association) & Rugby (both codes) in particular.
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    Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Im Andrew a 19 christian, born and bred in Sydney.

    Enjoy lots of sports, mainly cricket and tennis, but dont mind playing touch football, frisbee or vortex, or watching Rugby. Dont play contact sports much any more because i busted my ACL when i was in year 10 and that really sucked.

    Spend more time in WCC, CWXI and OT than CC which has gone downhill imho in the last 12 months.
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    Cricketer Of The Year Kweek's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Haarlem, The Netherlands
    Im Tarick 15(tomorrow 16!) year old and for the record, a lot of people think im pakistani or something like that im not , sorry to let you guys down . born and bread in Voorburg, the Netherlands.
    my passion is Cricket obviously but it isnt easy overhere.
    i also play Hockey(field) and sometimes some street football. but lately not much.
    most of my time i spend in OT, CWXI and a bit of CC. i dont post much in CC because i dont think my cricket knowledge reaches(sp?) that far. although CW learned me a lot about it already, so does CW help me with my english tnx all hehe
    P.S. We beat England at Lord's
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    Wishful thinking on your behalf.

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    Hall of Fame Member Smudge's Avatar
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    There or thereabouts
    I'm Matt, a stubborn Taurus, aged 26, who lives in Invercargill, New Zealand - the city Mick Jagger once referred to as "the a**hole of the world".

    I work as a crime/emergency services reporter for The Southland Times. I plan to move into sports journalism, when I get the chance, but at the moment I'm enjoying the experience general news reporting gives me.

    I follow cricket, rugby, and most other sports, and enjoy a good bit of Kiwi music like the Finn Brothers.

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    Cricket Web: All-Time Legend _Ed_'s Avatar
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    Marsden Bay, NZ
    Greetings. As my friends will tell you, I often say greetings. I don't know why. Anyway, I'm Richard, 18 (although turning 19 very soon but I'll try to keep it secret if possible...that birthdays thing on CW front page will try to foil that though), doing a BA and majoring in Politics at University of Auckland. And Auckland just happens to be where I was born and where I live. Love cricket and most other sports. And spend most of my time in OT.

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    Love & Energy
    Hello everyone,I'm Sriram,and I stay in Mumbai,Maharashtra,India.I'm a 17 and a half year old Libran.I intend to be a musician or a Journalist.

    My first and foremost passion is Music.I spend 80% of my day with music,be it on my PC or on my 3300.My favorite bands are Muse and Coldplay,and my favorite artists are Jimmy Page and Joe Satriani.My favorite song is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.I write songs most of the time,but write articles,essays and short stories when I'm bothered.Cricket was a huge favorite as well,but is almost non-existant in my life now,and has been replaced by Football as favorite sport.I support Everton,Villareal and Fiorentina,in that order.I am a complete teetotaller and a pure vegetarian and my food habits and diet are at best erratic.

    My love affair with CricketWeb started in January 2002,but it's been an on-off relationship so far with exams and internet disconnectivity.But this time I intend to stay.I post in OT,i have hardly ever posted in CC due to reason given above,but I do go there once in a while when I'm bored.

    EDIT : How I forgot that I play the guitar is beyond me,considering I spend almost 3-4 hours a day with it.
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    International Captain Buddhmaster's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Same place as the Ashes
    Hi i'm Buddhy from Perth, W.A, Australia, and I just learnt that Ed's name is Richard, BB's name is Dale and vic's name is Jack

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    You'll Never Walk Alone Nate's Avatar
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    New South Wales
    Hi, my name`s Nath and I`m 16.

    I like long walks on the beach and sitting at home while it rains outside...
    Jesus brings life eternal

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    May 2004
    Thane India
    Hello James, Sudeep, Sangrah, Andrew jr, Jack, BB(aka Dale),Andrew sr, Taarick, Matt, Richard, sriram, Nath, Buddhy (just to make sure I remember them )

    I am Swaranjeet (the sj in my name). I am almost as old as three of you put together. a sprightly 55. (Kasper doesnt believe that.). Atypical Aquarian. I have two sons older than any of you. My younger son is BB's age. They are both in NY and Chicago respectively.

    I played a lot of cricket in Delhi till 1985. Fairly decent level but havent been able to play at all since then due to my career.

    I am keen to retire early and would love to start a cricket academy near Delhi. It may come unstuck unless I can find a reasonably priced piece of land.

    At the moment planning my retirement home/s and running my company

    I thoroughly enjoy being on the CW . The only thing that I dislike is when people get personal rather than try to deal in points of view. My simple remedy for that is to put such people on my ignore list since I dont se any point in arguing for the sake of argument.

    Once in a while I do get caried away but not too often I hope.

    PS Music and reading are my other great passions. Besides cricket ( I am sure I have one of the biggest collection of cricket books), I read history, philosophy, biographies and books on major contemporary events around the world.
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    Cricket Spectator Pale's Avatar
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    May 2005
    Norwich, England
    Hey everyone, I'm Pale, a schoolboy from Norwich in England. I am a great cricket fan and my favourite team is England. I regularly play cricket for my school and local club. I would like the job of a journalist when I'm older. Cricket Web looks like a great site and I look forward to enjoying my time here.

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