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Thread: Finally back online

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    Cricketer Of The Year bugssy's Avatar
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    Finally back online

    guys the move to newcastle has been great but alot of work, me and the fiancee moved the hole house no help so it took a whilst but we have finally sort of settled in just sorting out all the box's, my adsl from optus is not up and running but i have dial up for the moment. anyway guys just good to be back....
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    Good to have you back mate. I know how much of an effort moving can be, so I'm sure you're glad to have it out of the way.

    Where did you move from?
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    Nath goes, bugsy returns.

    Er, my uncle lives in Newcastle...

    Welcome back
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    Cricketer Of The Year bugssy's Avatar
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    Sydney NSW
    yer thanks guys, moved from around the corner from blewy to caves beach just 20k's south of newcastle and thanks robertinho.......good to be back just happy when optus fix my adsl, i can not stsand dial up.....

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    Welcome back, and I hope you get that asdl running soon instead of waiting with the laborious dial up.
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