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Thread: I wish

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    I wish

    I wish we had no stupid threads and I.... Wish I had broadband and i wish Nibbs didn't have to suffer, and I wish .. I wish, I could teach us all to make threads, And I wish Marc would never break but motivate. Instead of thinking about who gonna post today, think about what they gonna post.
    I'm hopeful yes I am, I wish you could show some love instead of dissing the posts by all the people comin up.
    Wish that Nibbs and Marc would hold hands, I wish, I wish.
    Oh, I'm hopeful, yes I am hopeful for today and he'll make a way.
    Wish the forum wasn't so appoloptic, so i could spread my message.
    And in the famous words of pro why cant we all get along.
    And the only the heavenly admin can ease the pain.
    Take this post and use it, let it take you away.
    Cause we hopeful, yes I am, Take this post and use it, cause we hopeful.
    Thats ok, cause we hopeful, hoopeful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psxpro
    I wish, I could teach us all to make threads.
    Look who's talking, the one who made threads on why people wear clothes, and most glaringly - post a pic of your stomach. Maybe we should have a seperate anatomy forum then, in case you'll be teaching us all how to make threads.
    “If you try and take a cat apart to see how it works, the first thing you have on your hands is a nonworking cat.” - Douglas Adams

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    if only life were so simple
    "Matt Damon"

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    It's certainly not as simple as psxpro, that's for sure.
    marc71178 - President and founding member of AAAS - we don't only appreciate when he does well, but also when he's not quite so good!

    Anyone want to join the Society?

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    I wish ......

    .......James was around with a lock

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    yep good call there SJS
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    A airoplane.....
    Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.

    Go Man United...

    South Africa For the Cricket World Cup 2007

    When I look into ur eyes there’s nothing there to see,Nothing but my own mistakes staring back at me.

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    Elm, he do brood. And Oak, he do hate. But the Willow-man goes walking, If you stays out late.
    please close this drivel, it pains it pains

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