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Thread: Sorry Mxy

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    Sorry Mxy

    You replied to one of my comments and closed that thread without giving me a chance to say anything back to you. So I had to make this thread.

    IMO hating gay ppl and hating black ppl are pretty much the same thing. However in this case, someone was seriously hating on gays and another just said something in jest.

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    The thread was not closed due to the homophobic and racist inequality, but rather that it was an unnecessary thread that would do more harm than good. Yes, you have something to say on the issue. Post it in the thread that is already dedicated to discussing the issue. Furthermore, post it in a way so as not inspire further controversy and misconduct. ie don't go about calling people racist to start your discussion.
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    Really Crazy, If English is not his first language, then he should keep his mouth shut rather than making impolite, racist, rude and stupid comments. It can not and should not be used as an excuse for any racist comment he made.

    You are right that many cw members have no clue about urdu/hindi, but you really dont see anyone using those languages as shield for making racist comments.

    As for Gays, I dont think any of the CW members hates them, they basically are against gay marriages.

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    what a crap thread, just a matter of mintes before this is closed as well

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