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Thread: Why did the chicken hit the roof?

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    Why did the chicken hit the roof?

    News article from

    Why did the chicken hit the roof? Because it could
    By Alan Mascarenhas
    February 10, 2005

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    An aerial scavenger with a too-hefty burden? Wayward tsunami relief? Or urban terrorists with a new weapon of mass destruction? These are just some of the theories to explain a full-scale mystery for the residents of Fletcher, near Newcastle.

    Police admitted yesterday they were dumbfounded by the apparent plunge of a plucked chicken into the roof of a suburban house - the second such incident in five weeks.

    The most recent grisly find was made by the Slee family, of Rosewood Crescent, upon returning from holidays last Sunday.

    "There was this putrid smell coming out of the house, said Warwick Slee.

    "We thought we'd left something in the bin. Eventually, we looked up on the roof. There was some sort of dead animal there with maggots crawling through it and flies buzzing around."

    The carcass, while rotted beyond recognition, was roughly the size of a football and looked a bit like a frozen supermarket chicken. "It had splattered [on the roof] and decomposed," Mr Slee said. "It had no feathers, no fur, no head and no claws."

    The incident follows a similar attack last month, when a plucked chicken thudded into the roof of the Leung family, in nearby Sandalwood Avenue.

    In both cases, the impact of the carcass smashed roof tiles.

    Before last Sunday's repeat incident, possible theories were that the chicken had fallen from a light-plane picnic hamper, or was even an errant piece of tsunami food aid from an RAAF aircraft bound for Asia.

    Police have no leads and are pleading for information.
    this is alittle old but the only one i could see. the main current theories include dropping from a plane, crows picking them up from a garbage tip and dropping them because they are too heavy, or a giant backyard slingshot.
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    i reckon it was crows, giant slingshots sound like something out of a cartoon, but id say its gonna remain a mystey!

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    It's mad chicken's disease. Causes them to grow longer wings, take to the air, and then freeze due to the altitude,dropping their feathers and plummeting to earth in the process.

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    I'm surprised no one has brought up weight ratios along with African and European swallows yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Casson
    I'm surprised no one has brought up weight ratios along with African and European swallows yet.
    Damn you beat me to it man
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    Thanks Dick Smith. Will remember to subscribe to your newsletter for more electronic fun facts.


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    I think it was an art class for the maggots and they were sculpting a supermarket chicken under instruction from their art teachers, the flies

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    Haha, we managed to get our chemistry teacher to talk about his theory. Needless to say that was a nice, easy, bludge lesson
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waughney
    Haha, we managed to get our chemistry teacher to talk about his theory. Needless to say that was a nice, easy, bludge lesson
    lol and what was it?

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