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Thread: Best Concert Attended

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    I’ve been to one concert as a kid - Paramore on their Asia tour.

    They generally seem like dreadful affairs.

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    David Byrne's American Utopia tour last year. It redefined musical concerts. Utterly outstanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Ed_ View Post
    I guess Muse would still have to top my list. The first time was certainly the best - a small theatre of about 1000 people in Auckland. Pretty special experience, that.

    Others that I have great memories of include Rammstein, Faith No More, Radiohead, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, The Veils, John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes and Rob Zombie.

    In recent times, Alice Cooper and Judas Priest have put on preposterously good shows considering how old they are. Can't believe Rob Halford can still sing the way he does.

    Looking forward to Metallica and Elton John in the next few months. I gather Elton's voice isn't quite what it once was, but it'll still be good to see such an icon in the flesh.
    Managed to see Elton about 12 years ago. Puts on an amazing show. Of course he can't hit the notes he could in the 70s, hasn't been able to for about 30 years now, but he does rework the key of the songs to account for that, and does it well.

    Not sure if he's got worse for his latest tour - would figure as he gets older - but in general I reckon he manages it well.
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    All the gigs I can remember going to:

    Favourite - Oasis 2005
    Best - Aerosmith 2013
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    Opeth at the Opera House. Great venue for Prog Metal.

    In more recent times, Haken at the Factory Theatre was pretty special.
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    Queens of the Stone Age - the Arena 2008. A tiny 300 person standing room only venue with QotSA blasting a lot off their best content, including the amazing Someone's in the Wolf.

    Sheer brutal wall of sound. Louder than any other concert I've been to.

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    AC/DC - 2008 Chicago
    Rage Against The Machine - 2007 Alpine Valley
    Junoon - 2004 (I think) Chicago
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    Rammstein - Grandwest, Cape Town

    1) Obviously the band
    2) Venue, the bands always sound awesome in that place
    3) Parking, always nice that you didnt have to park miles away

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smudge View Post
    David Byrne's American Utopia tour last year. It redefined musical concerts. Utterly outstanding.

    All other bands I've seen have played gigs. American Utopia was some kind of euphoric experience.
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    Confession time. I have NEVER been to a concert of any kind. I am 43 today and never been. Done numerous FA Cup finals, test matches, Cheltenham festivals etc... and never bothered with one.

    Guess I am a weirdo.

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