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Thread: Music arranging and listening

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    Music arranging and listening

    How much music do you have on your pc, in cds. Which players do you use to listen to the music. Do you listen in the car, off the pc or with a full volume deck?

    Tell all!

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    I have only about 500 songs (but more on CD I haven't ripped yet), I used MediaMonkey for ages because you can convert music through it but now I'm back to WMP because it synchronises well with my new MuVo

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    my brother has close to 2000 songs on his computer (a lot are mine as well), while the computer im on now has about 200 songs.
    i use an mp3 cd player to play my cds, which can fit around 200 songs on the one cd. on the computer i just use headphones to listen to music, but my brother has some nice speakers. i use any player really to play my music, quicktime, real player, winamp. im not sure why. i only ever listen to music in friends cars, for some reason, and only ever on a stereo when im playing snooker on the third floor.

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    I've approximately 400 songs. I'm a newbie when it comes to music. Of those 400, 100 might be Hindi.

    I use Winamp. It's the best.
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    Sirius Satellite Radio - In car and home, take it anywhere u like
    Have a Kick-ass Car Audio - 2 12 inch subs and Alpine MP3 player with Harmon Kardon Amp

    Music collector since last dunno how many years, must have 30-40 GB Music on PC, abt 16 DVD-R's burned
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    ive got about 90 odd rap/hip hop cds.. ive calculated that i have enough music to play non stop for a 6 day party which would end by 2 o clock on the 6th day..

    thats sikk.. im try that sometime..
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    I've only got about 15CD's, nearly all my music being mp3's, which i have about 10gb of. Use winamp with loads of good skins available. Will hopefully be getting an mp3 player for my 21st in march!
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    Quote Originally Posted by twctopcat
    Will hopefully be getting an mp3 player for my 21st in march!
    Same here, except it will be in July.

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    Work Laptop iTunes has about 9 days of music on it.

    Upgrading this machine soon, so will be adding iTunes and as much music as I can find.
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    I've got about 1,100 songs on my hard disk, and I keep my Creative Nomad synched up so it has exactly the same stuff.. It amounts to about 4GB at the moment..

    I listen with Windows media player mainly
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    Don't like using my iPod dock. Ruins battery life too much.
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    348 songs on my Real Player - most of my CDs, except for some I couldn't find and some I don't like at all. Never listen to my stereo, though, it's in the wrong room (yeah, yeah, I could move it...)
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    I have close to 60gb of music on the PC...with 10gb of that on the iPod (haven't filled it up). In terms of CDs, I think I have about 500-600? Never counted. Also have a couple of dozen records, and a lot of tapes (that I hardly listen to now - most of them are now in mp3 format).
    I listen to music on the PC usually, or as mentioned before, on the iPod.

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