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Thread: Email accounts

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    Email accounts

    Im trying to sign up for something but it doesn't accept email adresses such as hotmail or yahoo.

    Would anybody know of a way i can get hold of another address or possible set me up with one
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    On some sites, such as Ebay you have to have your ISP email address, i.e. etc.... you should have an email like that
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    get gmail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja moo
    get gmail.
    some things dont let u lose that either now, i use my optusnet for ebay and all those other things anyway...

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    Gmail > FastMail > Others

    If Gmail isn't being accepted nowadays, I suggest to try FastMail.
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    yeah Ive had problems like that with a few sites.. and I dont think my Gmail worked either... try this site... theres tons of cool domains to pick from... one is bound to work.

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    If you can stand a south african suffix, I used to have an account at my old web provider which was They do free web based as well.

    Does everything hotmail does basically. And does not get barred from some websites
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