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Thread: downloading MP3s, games, etc

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    downloading MP3s, games, etc

    What are your views on downloading MP3s, games and movies? Nowadays, we can get everything online. Do you guys do it or are you against it?

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    My lawyer advises me to refrain from making any comments on this particular issue .
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    Quote Originally Posted by ReallyCrazy
    What are your views on downloading MP3s, games and movies? Nowadays, we can get everything online. Do you guys do it or are you against it?
    That depends. Downloading stuff can be perfectly legal, if you pay for the right to do so, or if it is free for distribution.

    To be honest, I do not believe that downloading MP3s is as bad as the record companies make it out to be. I think that many people who download MP3s buy the CD if they like it, and those who don't simply don't listen to it and/or delete it.

    However, I will make my point clear, which is that record companies have the right to refuse to allow people to download their music if they so choose, as it is theirs to distribute how they like. I just think that they should consider making some leeway for downloaders of MP3s because it might surprise them and bump sales a bit (unlikely I know, but maybe they should consider conducting some small trials...)

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    I can understand record companies being ****ed off, but I bet you 99% of musical artists love it. It givesthem a broader audience as their music reaches more people, and the majority of people end up purchasing the albums anyway. I mean record sales are still extremely high, especially the Australian (and other country) Idol albums and singles which are made following the show.
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    I hate people downloading whole albums. That is something I would never do. Downloading single songs to get an idea of what the artist's music is like and deciding whether or not to buy the album is something I approve of though. I found 4 of my 5 favourite bands at the moment that way.

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    Downloading without proper authorisation and payment is illegal.

    It jeopardises the position of CricketWeb for this sort of subject to be discussed on-forum.
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