Well hey ho here we are again for the second week of indoor cricket fun.

Da team:

Myself (Corey): Young, quick, deadly speed merchant (add to that, very inaccurate; damn indoor balls swing a lot!).
Cecil: Gilbert's lil' (literally!) bro and zippy pace bowler.
Grant: Legend of the local leagues.
Barry: A guy who hadn't played since he was 11 and managed to hit more 6's thn all of us.
Gilbert: 6 one ball, 6 the next, 6 the next, gone the next. (still an accurate description)
Ronnie: Mr. Dependable. (now Mr. Brickwall for his uncanny ability to prevent the ball from hitting the net behind him)
Greg: Mr. Appeals-Too-Much (nothing has changed).
Ed: Looks like he's about to do a cartwheel in his delivery stride. (ditto)

In the field, we were simply magnificent. Everyone had their moment in the field (including yours truly with a direct hit runout and a few near misses) and everyone bowled pretty well. A couple of extraordinary runouts helped too, including Barry's flick through the legs to run out a batsman at the bowler's end. Amazing. The opposition batted quite consistently to total 130, around 20 or 30 more than they should have, had we taken more chances.

As for the batting, the less said about that the better. Ed and I opened and immediately struggled against a tight bowling attack and good fielders (so what's new? Hey, I'm a bowler, dammit!). I was out only once (in the first over) but Ed didn't bat so well and was out a few times. We were saved from total embarrassment by hitting 22 off the last over of our partnership. So we were only partially embarrassed!

Grant and Greg stabilised the innings with a solid (read: boring ) partnership and whilst Cecil and Barry threatened to take over and get us into a winning position, as soon as they'd hit a six or something similar, they'd get out. Must run in the family or somethin'............

So it was left to Gilbert and Ronnie to play out time and finish out our score at 110. A lot less than we hped for but far from a total drubbing.

So another loss which in perspective, was more a result of not knowing each other very well than lack of ability. We got plenty of wickets but didn't do the little things which make a team great and we paid for it. So there's a lot to be encouraged by in this loss (especially our fielding) but we need to get to know each other better (this should improve the batting).

See you next week for another installment.

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