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Thread: Fraz Got banned??????

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    Fraz Got banned??????

    whats the story there...i just heard from someone that a Group of people asked admin to ban him otherwise they would stop posting here.....and in responce he got banned, with out even any wornings...... sorry for my language but what the ****.....i have never seen anything like that happening on any cricket forum....normally if someone is not following the rules of the forums...he is warrned about it and an Offical warning is shown in his profile...but i never saw anything like that before....I am really sorry to say but Admins u have dissappointed me on this matter......and i am not saying this out of any patriotism...i am saying it as a follwer of the game and a member of CW community.....

    My Qs for the Mod's is: Did you guys give any Official warnings for using foul language, swear words to Fraz before you Banned him?

    I would wanna know that some bunch of people are going to run the CW forum now....U guys have dealt with situation in worst manner than ICC dealt with the whole Mike Denness case....what do we have common in both cases. We all know,....and Ban me if you want but let me point out dont we have same narrowminded people in either situations casuing that.....the ones who i personally like to call(and i am using this word on CW now) " Madras based Java Monkies"

    I have been a silent member of CW since summer 2001...and the biggest reason i liked this forum was the diversity of Opinion that i got here which was not the case with Pakistani/Indian FOrums i used to be member of......andi have to say that they way CW adminz dealt with this case has made me feel terrible.....and i expect an answer from Modz....
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    Yup I have been visiting this site for a month now but got registered now and I found His posts quite interesting and wickedly funny .. I think you guys banned him for bashing India or some thing like that . But i checked his last posts . There was no bashing there I guess He was friendly with Indians .......

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    thats exactly what i am trying to ask the Admins...but i donno if Admins are afraid of Java Monkies Hacking their site, so they decide to lets run the forum by their rules.

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    AFAIK he has been warned on many occasions.

    James, Andre and Rich do not listen to pressure from other people when deciding whether to ban people or not, and if you searched the forums you'd find plenty of things he posted which were worthy of being warned and then banned.

    What a lot of people who aren't often on the forum don't see is the number of posts made by people which are clearly meant to inflame, but then deleted by the poster - the thing is these posts aren't actually deleted, but they are just hidden from public view - so the mods still see them.

    We don't have warnings in the profile, because they know and the mods know, and that is all that really matters.

    If you have a problem with the mods, it is better to bring it up with them directly - but I will point out that we have very very few bannings for a forum this size compared to other forums, which I think speaks volumes for the forum members and the mods.
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    omg...what drama
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    nah it's just a bunch of people who don't post often whom i'm never seen before try to create something out've nothing. Fraz was a weirdo. ever since he told us about that story of him killing that old guy.

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    Apparently it was a conspiracy hatched by the Mongolian government ( with Chinese and Soviet backing ,of course.)
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    Just to follow on from what Marc said which is all correct.

    Fraz was warned on numerous occasions but persistented with constant trouble making, flaming, racist comments, and continued abuse of the report post feature. He was given plenty of opportunities to improve his behaviour on the forum but chose to ignore the warnings given to him.

    The decision to ban Fraz was not made lightly and was discussed in length by the moderation team. In the end we decided it was in the best interests of Cricket Web and the forum community to ban him.

    I'm now locking this thread. If anyone has any further comments contact a member of the moderation team via email:

    James Nixon -
    Andre Maddocks -
    Neil Pickup -
    Richard Twyman -
    Liam Camps - bugs @ tstt . net dot tt
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