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Thread: People more despicable than Owen Jones

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIMH View Post
    Where he stormed off the Sky News set?

    It was terrible.
    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    Yeah it was a total flounce.

    IIRC he wasn't wrong to be annoyed, but to storm off the set in a tantrum was not a great way to enhance his credibility as a supposedly credible journalist/media personality/whatever he is meant to be.

    He's a bit like Russel Brand or Grecian. One of these people who pushes people away from the cause they so passionately endorse by representing it so poorly.
    Yeah this I can understand, but I posted that because I was suspecting it would be more...

    Quote Originally Posted by DanJamson View Post
    Hi instantly blamed it on homophobia rather than admit it was part of Islamic fundamentalism as the nightclub was predominantly frequented by the LGBT community. As it turns out, the terrorist chose that location as he was homosexual and went there regularly and therefore knew the security and layout. Had nothing to do with a a planned attack on homosexuals.

    Which is just offensively awful. There is absolutely no evidence that Mateen was openly gay and went there "regularly" beyond a quickly and repeatedly debunked tabloid rumour. To suggest that the fact it was an LGBT nightclub was irrelevant is as twisted as pretending it had nothing to do with ISIS (whose homophobia is not news).

    But, I mean, maybe I shouldn't be surprised given that you are unironically using "homosexuals" as a noun still, in these days.
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    Anyone notice how when someone he's debating is making articulate and valid points, Jones displays this big grin as though they're wrong?

    What about Sweden?
    - well living standards are lower than they were
    What about Sweden?!!!!
    - about the same GDP as us but it was much higher
    What about Sweden?!!!!!!!
    I could play this silly game Owen, how about Singapore
    - WHAT ABOUT SWEDEN!!!!!!!
    Hong Kong

    He's a lightweight
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    Bet you wish you were a lightweight
    I didn't when I was knocking down the bacon, sausage, omelette and potato rosti bap I just demolished at Chester station
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