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Thread: The European Politics Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephenZA View Post
    Possibility for a translation on that? (To lazy to go google translate atm).
    "I want to be Caliph instead of the Caliph" (presumably Baghdadi)
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    So I'm to assume that UK will still send 73 parliamentarians and an untold army of lobbyists to Brussels?

    Oh well. At least make sure they sit the full term.
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    Depends who wins the elections I guess. Lots of very pro-remain figures have said they will stand.

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    Latest poll has Labour and UKIP doing well.

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    ****, Notre-Dame Cathedral is on fire.

    Edit: does this need its own thread?
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    I am always amazed that people are surprised that when they elect a dictatorial candidate like Erdoğan into power, he acts like a dictator. The question is always can the institution designed to try prevent a return to dictatorship actually stand up to the proverbial attack. I truly hope Turkey can turn a corner.
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    How are you voting in the EU Parliamentary elections?

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