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Cricket Web Forum Rules

First off... Welcome! We are excited to see that you are showing interest in the great game of Cricket. We are in the process of growing a great community, and this will require your help! Please take a moment to get familiar with things...

Read The Rules - The rules can be found at the bottom of this thread. Keep in mind that we can change the rules at any time, but it will help you to stay registered longer and posting quality content.

Read The FAQ - You'll find it here. It is amazing how helpful it can be in reference to knowing how to post links, etc.

The Rules

Forum atmosphere

General warning - 0 POINTS

  • No set of rules can capture everything, so keep in mind that we’ll issue general warnings from time to time, in order to address less serious breaches of internet etiquette. This includes things like prolific double-posting, excessive bumping of threads, posting in giant bold all-caps etc.
  • If you get a general warning, consider it a nudge back in the right direction.

Ignoring moderator instructions - 8 POINTS

  • You'll see moderators in various forms - providing informal in-thread warnings, issuing infractions, or even enjoying the forum like normal posters (well, sometimes). The directions posted in-thread, or commentary attached to infraction are binding.

Continual disobedience- 20 POINTS

  • If you develop a reputation for ignoring or failing to respond to moderator instructions or infractions, you may receive more significant infractions for continual disobedience.

Serial offender - 40 POINTS

  • If you continue to rack up infraction points and show no inclination to engage constructively with the community or take moderator directions/feedback on board, you may be seen as a serial offender.

Forum atmosphere (permanent ban) - 150 POINTS

  • Where a poster is having an ongoing, detrimental effect on forum atmosphere and/or shows little inclination or ability to constructively interact with the remainder of the CricketWeb member base, they may be banned permanently. This is not applied lightly, and only occurs after significant discussion by the moderation team.
  • Permanent bans may be reviewed upon request a minimum of two years from the date the ban is handed down. It is exceedingly rare for them to be overturned.

Poster relationships

Insults, harassment, personal attacks - 5 POINTS

  • All members should be treated with respect, without being subjected to insults, harassment, or personal attacks.
  • This rule can be breached without actively targeting an individual poster.

Trolling or baiting - 5 POINTS

  • CricketWeb prides itself on a high quality of discussion between posters posting in good faith. If you're posting exclusively to get a rise out of someone or for no purpose other than to annoy everyone, you're in breach of this rule.
  • For example, this includes responding to posters based on their nationality or team they support - be it real or perceived.

Slander - 15 POINTS

  • “Will say this once and then nothing else. Defamation laws quite clear in careful.” – Brad McNamara @bbuzzmc

Family-friendly forum

Inappropriate language - 5 POINTS

  • We're a family-friendly forum, so please let our swear filter do its job, refrain from sexual references, and dial down the edgy humour.
  • On this, please don't compare sporting results to rape - it's grossly insensitive.
  • We also request that users post in English, for the benefit of moderation and shared understanding.

Posting offensive material (light) - 15 POINTS

  • Posting offensive material is not accepted on CricketWeb. The light infraction category applies where the moderator team deems there was no intent to shock or offend, the material was posted in good faith, or is of a lesser nature than the heavy infraction.
  • Taking appropriate steps to provide a warning that a user may be subjected to offensive content (e.g. providing a content warning and linking to potentially offensive material, rather than embedding it) will be considered a mitigating factor.

Posting offensive material (heavy) - 40 POINTS

  • Posting offensive material is not accepted on CricketWeb. The heavy infraction category applies where the moderator team deems the intent of the poster was to shock or offend, it is not posted in good faith, or the material is deeply objectionable or inappropriate.
  • In the case of this class of content, there is no mitigating factor for providing warnings or only posting a link. Take that content somewhere else, or don't dredge it up from the depths of the internet in the first place.


Use of discriminatory language - 15 POINTS

  • CricketWeb welcomes posters from around the world - both cricketing and non-cricketing. Please do not use offensive, discriminatory language, tropes or slurs on the forum. You know what they are, and you know better.

Use of discriminatory language against members - 25 POINTS

  • This is a more severe version of the Use of discriminatory language infraction, where the discriminatory language is directed at a poster.

Disparaging comments - 50 POINTS

  • Our diverse membership base is our strength, and nobody should ever be subjected to discrimination or harassment based on their identity. Targeted, disparaging comments related to indentity - which includes (but is not limited to) race/ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, disability status, or personal circumstances - are taken extremely seriously by the CricketWeb moderation team.

Advertising and spamming

Advertising or Spam - 40 POINTS

  • We're happy for you to share what you're working on - but we expect you to be part of the community too. Keep an eye on whether your posting adds anything to the discussion

Spamming (permanent ban) - 150 POINTS

  • This infraction category exists to immediately ban spambots.


Frivolous reporting of posts - 3 POINTS

  • We appreciate people reporting posts to make moderators aware of behaviour that breaks the rules. But please don't use the report function inappropriately - it's not designed for you to complain about posters you don't like or for you to privately respond to posts, for example.

Failure to respect IP - 15 POINTS

  • CricketWeb does not condone illegal *********, piracy and plagiarism. Don't claim other people's work as your own, and absolutely do not tell people how or where to watch things illegally.

Multiple accounts - 40 POINTS

  • We're generally pretty accommodating on things like username change requests, so there is precisely no reason to have more than one CricketWeb account. If you are banned and create a secondary account, your new account will be permanently banned, and the original account hit with this infraction.
  • This infraction may be used against accounts found to be posting through web-based proxies - if you have a legitimate reason to use one of these services, contact the moderator team.

Infraction Thresholds

Points Ban Length
15 1 week
30 1 month
45 3 months
55 6 months
60 1 year
150 Permanent

Report posts! - At the bottom left hand side of each post you'll see a button that looks like this: If you see a post that you feel is in breach of the rules, click on this button to report it to the moderators. If the mods agree that it's against the rules, they'll take what action they see fit. If we don't respond and no action is taken, you can discuss the issue with the mods via email at

If you would like to discuss a warning you have been given, please contact the forums staff via email at

If you would like to discuss a rule, you can do so in the Site Discussion forum. Note that while we will listen to all suggestions, this is a privately owned website and we are under no obligation to change on demand.

By using this forum you hereby acknowledge and agree to all the following agreements. By using this forum, you grant Cricket Web permission to own rights to your publishing, and posting (meaning, by using this forum and submitting any information, you hereby give site owner all rights of your submission and content).

Cricket Web reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time.