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Cricket Web Forum Rules

First off... Welcome! We are excited to see that you are showing interest in the great game of Cricket. We are in the process of growing a great community, and this will require your help! Please take a moment to get familiar with things...

Read The Rules - The rules can be found at the bottom of this thread. Keep in mind that we can change the rules at any time, but it will help you to stay registered longer and posting quality content.

Read The FAQ - You'll find it here. It is amazing how helpful it can be in reference to knowing how to post links, etc.

The Rules

No insults - Don't insult people. Pretty straight-forward, that one. This includes insults directed towards both individuals and groups of people.

No flame wars - This is basically when two people are in an argument on the forums and resort to personal attacks on each other. No tolerance will be given for this sort of thing. Just keep in mind that you are arguing via text on a public message board... Is there really a clean cut winner? I suggest you keep that sort of thing on someone else's board or some instant messaging service.

No trolling/baiting - This is where you constantly make digs at a member who doesn't appreciate it with the hope of annoying them and/or getting a negative reaction out of them. Don't do it.

Note: Retaliation - Just because 'they started it' doesn't mean you have a right to break rules when you respond to them. It's better to just report the post and let the mods deal with it.

No profanity - Please don't go around swearing your head off or using inappropriate language in the forums. Show maturity at all times, and make it decent for everyone else. Remember, just because a word isn't filtered doesn't mean it's okay to say. Even using filtered words too often can get you warned.

No advertising - Threads/posts blatantly advertising your website are not allowed and shall be removed. Continued abuse of this rule will result in the account being banned. If you wish to advertise on Cricket Web, email [email][/email]

No spamming - Spamming is characterized by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum, be it off topic or on topic. Examples include: empty bodies, bodies with few words that have no relation to the current thread or discussion and those posts that state they are spam, either to annoy or increase a member's post count. This determination is made by the forum Moderator or Administrator and is not up for discussion.

Read before posting - Odds are that most threads have already been covered before you thought of it. Thus just check back a day or two to see if the topic your so curious about has already been played out. It saves your time, and our time, it works out great like that!

Stay on topic - So many threads go way off track when people decide just to start chatting about nothing. If you want to have a chat session, get mIRC or AIM, or MSN.

Digging Threads - Please do not dig up old threads unless there is something of value being contributed by the dig. Pointless digs may lead to an official warning and excessive digging and spamming of the forum may lead to an instant seven day ban.

No second accounts - Each member creates their own unique username to suit their style, personality and this identifies them in the forum. Members should not create multiple accounts to voice or create a different identity. This can cause confusion, deceit and inconvenience to all members. If youíre caught doing this, the Administrator or Moderator can impose penalties such as temporary and permanent bans on the memberís account(s)

No double posting - If you double posted... Delete your second post. If you forgot to add something to your original post... don't make a second post. Edit your first one. The edit button can easily be found in the lower right corner of your post. We would love if you started using it.

Posting of Sexual Material: Obviously the posting of pornography, or other offensive material, is not tolerated. Linking to potentially offensive material should only occur within a relevant and serious context of a discussion. Any linked material of an adult nature should come with a warning or disclaimer because Cricket Web is, after all, still a family forum. Even if a disclaimer is given, the moderation team reserve the right to use their judgement to decide whether the link is appropriate.

Note: Illegal activities - Don't go around posting about your illegally obtained music collection, linking to video clips which are in breach of some copyright, or suggesting people download software illegally. Don't talk about how you enjoy the odd bit of cocaine or where to buy a nuclear bomb in the black market... you get the idea.

Avatars - Don't put stuff like drugs, pronography, etc. into here. These are a luxury and abuse of them will result in them being lost.

Signatures - Please try not to make them too long and, of course, keep them clean. The forums staff reserve the right to remove or edit your sig as they see fit, be it because it takes up an entire page or because it breaks another rule such as linking to inappropriate websites or has text abusing another member, etc.

Forum atmosphere - Members causing detrimental effects to forum atmosphere are subject to bans.

NO SHOUTING - Posting in all-caps is considered shouting on the internet. Please don't do this!

Post in English - We welcome members from worldwide, but in all countries that cricket is played, English is spoken and English is the language of cricket, so all posts should be kept in this language.

Report posts! - At the bottom left hand side of each post you'll see a button that looks like this: . If you see a post that you feel is in breach of the rules, click on this button to report it to the moderators. If the mods agree that it's against the rules, they'll take what action they see fit. If we don't respond and no action is taken, you can discuss the issue with the mods via email at [email][/email].

If you would like to discuss a warning you have been given, please contact the forums staff via email at [email][/email].

If you would like to discuss a rule, you can do so in the Site Discussion forum. Note that while we will listen to all suggestions, this is a privately owned website and we are under no obligation to change on demand.

By using this forum you hereby acknowledge and agree to all the following agreements. By using this forum, you grant Cricket Web permission to own rights to your publishing, and posting (meaning, by using this forum and submitting any information, you hereby give site owner all rights of your submission and content).

Cricket Web reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time.