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  • Hi Dave
    Jacques here, (or 45DegreeOBS) I'm having trouble signing up to ********** again, unfortunately! Currently just looking at some of the comments in the spin bowling section. Cricket web is pretty dead these days, not sure if I'm going to get a reply here in 5 years time! At the moment ********** is definitely the most active forum on the Internet with Spin Bowling sections.

    In the "ICC And Global Cricket" section lots of members are predicting the downfall of test cricket and, according to them test cricket is vanishing completely or something. Overall I think their exaggerating, what's your opinion on this matter?
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    Hi there, Neil just alerted me to your message. Could you screen-print what you received please?
    so just pitch it on and around off stump, so he has to play it if i do a top spinner or an arm ball, cheers mate!
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